Saturday, December 27, 2014


I told Stew today was 'CLEAN UP DAY' and the smart arse immediately said "I'll be out today"!

Like hell you will mate.
There is heaps to do.  Like take down the decorations, tidy, sort, put away presents, vacum, mop, dust and so on!

Everyone can pitch in and it will be done in no time.

THEN.  The next big job will be for the boys.

We need to take down the wooden beams above the afternoon patio, in readiness for the Archgola to be constructed.

I am sure it's not going to get done in the next few days, but hopefully it will be done by mid-January.  That is when I was told the Archgola might be here.  Fingers crossed, I can't wait to see it!

So, not a lot happening today really.  

OH!  Last night my blog Stat Counter clicked over to ....:

One and a half million page views!  Not bad for my humble little blog!   I'm surprised I got to see the actual number when it changed. 

My blog has been getting quite a few more 'hit's just lately... which is strange as usually blog world gets really quiet over the holidays and I start to wonder where everyone is!

Right, I'm off to crack the whip... 


Hmmmm.... I get up, and instead of directing the clean up... I'm on my own with only Stew to help!
Steve, Bex and the 3 kids have buggered off to The Warehouse!
They did have the grace to let me know they would help when they got back, so that's something I suppose!

So, I've been pottering around, just doing a general pick up/tidy up until they get home.
There is no way I'm doing the vacuming and sweeping/washing floors.  My back would kill me.

It's another overcast/partly sunny day, so the heat is trapped down low by the clouds.  So muggy.  It even looks like it might rain at some point, that will make the humidity even worse.

Never mind, it's holiday mode.  Two loads of washing on the line, and no more to go for a change.  Feels good to be up to date.  We got so behind when the washing machine was broken down I felt like we would never get up to date.

Once the clean up is done I am dragging Stew out to the garden centre.  We could do with some pretty flowers in our pots.

Well it's done.  The house is back to normal and I'm happy.
Flowers though, will have to wait.  The guys are watching a movie, then trying to take down the pergola beams.  

Well, the guys did way more than I expected today!

ABOVE: They took down the pergola beams!  And it didn't even take that long.

ABOVE:  Left - Before.  Right - After.  It looks so naked now!   Steve did an amazing job getting that pillar out and sealing up the electrics hole.  We were lucky, the pillar was just sitting on top of the concrete base, so we are not left with a large square hole in it.

ABOVE:  while he had his tools out I got him to grind off the candle 'spikes' that were on the top of my candle holder... so now I can sit tealight candles on it.

ABOVE: I am thrilled to bits with how this corner of the lounge looks now.  The boxes Stew gave me and the little Rhino Bex made me look so cute there... along with that gorgeous tray 'Santa' got me. *smiles*
I love making my home look so nice.

 ABOVE: Lastly for today, the girls this morning, all curled up on the floor.  They are so adorable.

End of Day:  a glorious day, way too hot but hell, it is summer!
No walk tonight, Stew and I are just too hot, and it's too hot for the dogs too.
Tomorrow for sure, even if we have to go when it's almost dark.
nite nite


  1. Anonymous9:31 AM

    You can send everyone up North when their finished at your house. I could use some help tidying up today. ;-) Sounds like you all had a lovely Christmas. So happy!

  2. Can you crack that over here too?

  3. God I wish we were as motivated as you. House looks like a bomb site & in need of a bloody good clean & I cannot be arsed. We have a day out planned tomorrow and you have motivated me to get cleaning the day after.

  4. Wow lots done today at yours the flowers in the corner and rhino boxes looks great, a very productive day indeed.

  5. CONGRATS on your mega-number there! WOW! See? You can't say your blog is boring. Got lots in there!

  6. Ah I can't wait until it warms up a bit here! Looks like a productive day!


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