Saturday, December 06, 2014


This morning the girls and I are off to Foxton for a change of scene, and a different breakfast menu!

We are going to a place we went to years ago... and they used to have the MOST AMAZING ginger crunch!  I'm hoping they still do it.... wouldn't that be awesome?

Apart from that, we have no other plans.
I don't want to push myself too much while I'm still recovering from being really sick this past week.

Thankfully, I do believe I've turned the corner and am on the mend.

Hopefully I can get some nice photos to share of our day.

So, until later... have a nice day EVERYONE, cos I plan to.


YAAA Yaaaaaa I'm feeling so much better!
 Brunch was wonderful.  Then we did some shopping.  SHOPPING.  Such fun.

We are heading out soon to Sandra's for dinner, and tomorrow night we are having dinner at Anne's too. 

So lots of catching up and girly talk. 

Neat eh.

Well....we are not having a BBQ  for dinner after all. I won't tell you why... I will show you later.   Chris D and I are laughing our heads off.

Right, finally in front of a proper computer today... so here's a few photos of our day:

 ABOVE:  this quilt was hanging in the CafĂ© in Foxton.... it is absolutely STUNNING!  For sale for $2,500!   I was a bit surprised by that I must say, but upon looking at it I could see the hours and hours of work that  had gone into it.  I doubt I would ever spend that much on a quilt, but someone will I'm sure.

We all decided to go for a full breakfast for our brunch:

 ABOVE:  Chris D and Sandra.

 ABOVE:  Anne.

ABOVE:  my brunch, it was really lovely.  And I managed to eat most of it!
It feel so good to have an appetite again.
And not have it come up again in an hour!

When we went out to Sandra's for dinner tonight, Sandra went and turned the BBQ on, and there was a big puff of smoke!
This is why...

 ABOVE:  whoops!  There's a bird's nest in the BBQ!   She turned it off real quick and put the meat in the oven instead.

 ABOVE:  When Neil got home he wasn't impressed and quickly dispatched the nest ... he marched it over to the lawn and tossed it.

Sandra had her Christmas tree up and turned on... and I fell in love with it:

ABOVE:  See?  Stunning.   Totally untraditional, it's white with blue led lights.  I have asked Stew to try and find us one!

End of Day:  well an awesome day.  I'm feeling almost 100% back to normal, even though I still have the cough.   I didn't think it would go.
nite nite


  1. So pleased that you are feeling better today. Have a great time away with your friends.

  2. Hope you are enjoying your time away.

  3. Glad you're on the road to recovery. Keep up the good work. Have fun too!

  4. Glad you are having a neat day friends food festivities awesome.

  5. Have fun! Take pics! See you later. :)

  6. So pleased you are having such a good time.

  7. Always good to catch up:-)

  8. Anonymous8:14 PM

    give Anne a big hug from me have great time

  9. Anonymous12:13 PM

    glad you are feeling so much better & enjoying your trip!!!


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