Thursday, December 11, 2014


Steve and Bex are too excited to hold their news in... so without further ado, I give you:


CLEARLY, we have another baby grandson on his way.  ETA 1st of May, 2015.

ABOVE: Our newest grandson does also have all his other body parts!  *smiles*   He's got his thumb in his mouth, awwwww too cute.

Now, as for TODAY:   I've got a Doctor's appointment at 9.30 am, then I'm going over to Otahuhu to get a Christmas Present.  Isn't the internet so cool, ya let your fingers do the walking and you can find what ya want without even leaving your home.

Only, I'm picking said present up so I don't end up paying postage.

After that I am coming home to get some housework done.  


Well... I've been a busy bee this morning.
First up, at the Doctors.  Got a 'bad' report on me latest blood tests.  Have to 'up' the Metformin.

Next, we talked about 'the cough from hell' and the Doctor conceded that it MAY be caused by the blood pressure medication I'm on, so she has changed my blood pressure medication to see if it helps at all.

She's also prescribed two differing nasal sprays to see if they help too.   I'm going to hold off taking them  for a  week to see if the change in blood pressure meds does the trick.

Ya never know.

I am having a chest x-ray tomorrow at Middlemore Hospital too... though I do think me lungs are fine.  Just a feeling.

Next mission of the day was to suss out a new lap top for me.  I finally settled on a new Acer, even though I had my mind set on another HP.  But, as I've blown up me last two HP lap tops ... maybe a change was a good idea.

ABOVE:  besides the lap top, I also got a two-fan thingee to rest it on, to help stop it over heating and a soft bag to carry the lap top in.  

 ABOVE:  I found this cool thing on me travels too... for putting salad ingredients in (cheese, eggs, carrot etc).  You can put ice in the black container under the white dishes and it keeps everything cool.  I wish I'd been able to buy two, but I got the last one on the shelf.  Still, that meant I got a good discount off the price!

 ABOVE:  Oh and I decided to get Steve to assemble my new craft desk last night.  I couldn't wait!  It's pretty cool.

So, that was me morning.  Now I have to think about what to feed the family for dinner... hmmmm.

Ever felt like the gods are trying to tell you something?  The new laptop REFUSED to turn on, so I took it back.

 Seems its faulty!! No shit Sherlock. So... I'm sitting here in the shop while they get another new one out of the box and make it GO before I leave. JOY.

DONE.  Home in rush hour traffic.  *sigh*  And we have to go back tonight to return all the boxing and paperwork for the faulty NEW computer.  Which is fine as I still need to get a wireless mouse.  I'm getting a blue one I think.  Or it could be pink.  There shouldn't be so many choices!

I didn't need to get a new mouse after all.  Steve had my old pink wireless mouse and he gave it back to me, so yaaa.

End of Day:  a good day in the end, I spent the evening watching TV AND blogging, like I used to.  It's great.
nite nite.


  1. Congrats you guys! !!

  2. How wonderful!!! Even with your labels I couldn't make out a thing on the scans.

  3. Many congratulations to you all. Another beautiful baby boy to look forward to.

  4. How exciting :) Fantastic news.. Steve, Bex, Dante, congratulations, you must all be so excited.. a May baby... Toni was born 17th May while my other two boys were Nov 3rd and Nov 10th (exactly 3 yrs 1 week apart while 18 months between Toni and Darren)

    rubs hands.. am I allowed to "look/buy" at baby clothes again pretty please Steve, Bex??? :) hehe ohhh Chris.. bring Dante over to visit me when you come please, actually, Brylee and Griffin too :) love to give them big hug.... oh oh.. I'm being emotional damn oxy tablets LOL :)

  5. YaY! Two sons - just like me!!! big congratulations to all xxxxx

  6. Congratulations Steve and Bex - you make gorgeous boys so I'm sure your next one will be just as lovely.

  7. Congratulations and thank you for sharing with us :-). Is Dante excited to be a big brother soon?

  8. How exciting! I can already tell that he will be just as cute as his big brother.

  9. Dick and Balls!!!!! I figured there would be a much more clever way to say that in New Zealand where everything you say sounds so darling.

    1. Sorry! Block and tackle? My mind is drawing a blank... cos well... I'm not a bloke!

  10. Congratulations Steve and Bex-and Grandma too of course. How exciting and thanks for the reveal.

  11. How do you prepare Pork Belly? Does it have to be "uncured" when you buy it?

  12. A boy how neat, that scan is clear as!! Even without labels. Hopefully your change of meds will do it, I do believe a rearrange if furniture is gonna happen sometime soon.

  13. The blob pressure pills I were on have me a cough, can't remember the name but was a low dose, but they were changed and the cough went almost immediately! Quite common apparently

  14. Anonymous5:41 PM

    Yep I remember having Accupril I think it was called - gave me a cough for ages.... I've tried a few and it took a wee while to get a goodie.


  15. Another little boy for Steve & Bex:-)

  16. Congrats on the new baby boy. Have fun with the new laptop and your craft table. Hope you get that cough sorted out soon.

  17. I got my son an acer laptop for school and after a few months, the keyboard died. Luckily, we had warranty and we were given a brand new clean one to replace it. Good thing he backed up his data in the pc before it died because once you hand over the pc to the support crew, you don't get the chance to retrieve your data.

  18. LOL Love the labels, congrats on another boy! They are going to have to stock pile the food my one eats everything that's not nailed down lol.

    Oh weird the meds causing cough. I hope that is the case and the change makes it go away.


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