Friday, December 05, 2014


Morning!  4.30 am and I'm up.  Coughing.  Funny that.  I've had about 3 hours sleep tonight.  I'm going to try and get an hour's more before Stew and I have to leave for the airport .  All going well my flight will take off at 7.05 am and I will land in Palmerston North at 8.15 am.

Chris D is picking me up... I can't wait to see her again.

And Anne, Sandra, and any of the other girls who want to say hi!  Janene, Michelle, Janine, Lois, Louise F... just leave me a comment here to arrange a meet up ok?  (or email me at : ) and I can give you my mobile number so you can ring me.

I have no set plans for my few days down in Palmerston North, I think it's going to hinge on how well I feel.

I'd love to do some shopping (of course!) and just spend time with the girls and hopefully see our son *Mike* too.

So... until I can update again... catch ya later.

ONWARD...safely in Palmerston North.  Sitting at Sandra's home watching her do nails on Chris D and Mel, another friend of Sandra's. 

Its freezing here! I'm wrapped in a blanket to keep warm!

Ok... it's not THAT cold here really . I'm just bone tired and that can make you feel cold eh.

The girls and I had a nice lunch then I found some sneakers for summer.   After that Chris D and I came home for a quiet afternoon and evening.  I'm STILL coughing! So sick of it.

Well... I'm so happy to report I'm feeling so much better this afternoon!  I've had some fruit for dinner, I've not coughed much this evening either.... so all good.

ABOVE:  Sandra insisted on 'doing' me nails today... so there are my pretty nails.  The polish changes colour in warm/cold conditions! When I'm warm they are pink, and when I'm cold they turn purple.  Really cool.

 ABOVE:  There she is busy doing Chris D's nails.  Mel got her's done too.

ABOVE:  Me new sneakers.  I LOVE them.

End of Day:  so happy I've felt much better today!  Here's hoping tomorrow is even better.
nite nite


  1. Have a safe trip!!! ANd have lots of fun!

  2. Have a great time and I hope your cough settles.

  3. Exciting. Have a wonderful trip.

  4. have a lovely little holiday, Chris. You sure deserve it! xx

  5. PS Pop into the chemist for some anti nausea medication, and some Immodium for the other end, and you'll have a terrific weekend!

  6. Have the best time, enjoy x

  7. Have a fantastic time !!!!
    Me xox

  8. Anonymous12:15 PM

    Hope you have fun & feel better soon!!!!!

  9. Anonymous12:47 PM

    It's not that cold,at least the wind has stopped blowing. I have a fairly busy weekend but will speak with Rose to see if we can connect with you Love Lois

  10. I'm glad you are getting to have this little get-away. Have a wonderful time.

  11. Glad you arrived safely have a nice time you may have to buy winter clothes or borrow.

  12. See you tomorrow.:-)

  13. Love th nails ma....maybe when I come up in just over a week I will do ur nails again for you.

  14. It's good to hear that you are on the mend! I was hoping she would do your nails too, It is nice to have a wee bit of pampering.

  15. Have a great time with your girlfriends!

  16. Anonymous8:00 PM

    Your hands look so old, it's unreal. Hope mine don't look like that.


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