Friday, December 19, 2014


By the end of the working day, both Stew and Steve will be on holiday for 3 weeks.
They are both hanging out for it too.

I am looking forward to having them both home too.  It will be neat for Dante to get to spend heaps of time with his Dad and Granddad.

Today I'm going over to Botany to try and find the missing  kitchen cupboard door...

ABOVE:  There should be a drop down door there... but we can't find it.  I now think it's gone to our storage unit.  So... the kids and I will pop over there later on this morning to look for it.
Might be a good excuse to visit Botany Town Center too.  *smiles*

NOT that I/we need anything, but ya never know...  ya might find a last minute extra gift for someone.

Random :  When people react in a negative/defensive way, one has to wonder why?  Do they feel they have something to be defensive about then?  Food for thought.

Counting heads, how many do you expect for Christmas dinner?
Last count here (last night) we will have just 12.  Sad it's not more.

Who's got more?  Lots more?  Or less?  I hope no one is alone on Christmas Day!
Sometimes I wish it was just me and Stew, on the beach with fish 'n' chips!  But then it wouldn't be Christmas would it?

Moving on... I better get the washing on.  Steve fixed our washing machine, did I tell you? So awesome.  I was worried we would have to buy a new machine, and at this time of year that would have been a bit annoying!

Next big expense will be kitting the kids out for the new school year, and Griffin needs a full new uniform!  What fun.  


So.  I'm down in the garage and I look up... and there it is!  That freakin' cupboard door!

ABOVE:  been looking for it for three days and it was right there in plain sight all that time.  Grrrrr.

Now.  Do I still go to Botany for a browse around?  Hmmmm.......

Well, we went to Bunnings and bought more paint for the cupboards as I only had a small test pot.
the test pot is the 'wrong' sort of paint for the cupboards (wish they'd told me that BEFORE I painted the entire door with it!), so I got enough of the 'right' paint to do the entire kitchen.
I also got a contrasting paint to use on some of the drawers/cupboards.  I hope it looks nice once I've done it!

I will show you once I've done a few.

Kelly and her friend Amanda are due here soon.  They are coming up for the Katy Perry concert, and staying here overnight.  I had thought of going myself, but they have tickets for the 'mosh pit'.... and that's just ain't my scene at all!

Not that I'm quite sure what a bloody 'mosh pit' is.  LOL

Lunch time.  Toasted sandwiches today.  Off to feed me face and watch Home and Away from yesterday.

TRACY!!!!   COME TO MINE!  We would love more here!

So Kelly and her friend Amanda arrived, they fluffed around getting their hair/face/clothes all ready then I took them to the train station to go into town.
Stew is picking them up after the concert.
I hope they have an awesome time.

End of Day:  a busy day, lots of fun.  Time to wind down before bed.
nite nite


  1. We have 12 on the hubby's side Christmas day and 9 on boxing day for my fam. Can't wait. And I'm happy to say it's 8:10am on my first day of the school holiday and I'm in my bed! !! Yay... best sleep for about a month last night. No stress on the horizon. Six weeks off.... great stuff.... it's been a tough year!

  2. Just the 4 of us this year - no extras. Less stress but a bit sad too.

  3. Five adults and three kids for us this year - we had Stu's big family party last weekend. BUT I will have both of my kids and all the grandkids so I'm a happy mum/nana :)

  4. I think you should still go least for a little browse-around. There is no telling what you might find.
    I will have 30 or so people at my house for an open house on Christmas Eve and we will have 15 at my daughter's house on Christmas Day for brunch and gifts.

  5. No one on Christmas day here but we will have the boys and girls on the 28th so that will be 7 or 8 depending on whether one of the girlfriends has to work. A huge change from past years when we had big gatherings over the 3 days of Christmas.

  6. Anonymous1:58 PM

    We will have 9 children ages 13 years to 11 months and 6 adults. Wow! I only just counted. We're having turkey and pork roast. I've nearly finished all the Christmas shopping, but still have to buy for the 3 extra kids that will be here. For five days over Christmas we'll have all 7 siblings of our foster kids. Glad your machine was fixable. Feel your pain about uniforms. Bought Mr. 13 new ones in September, he's already out grown the shirts. Ugh!

  7. Anonymous2:22 PM

    Glad you've found the door!
    We have 8 + 2 popping in for a quick visit between 12 & 1 but not eating!!

  8. I was going to say that we have 8 here for Xmas lunch but DH has to work this year, cant complain as he hasnt had to work for a number of years. For the last few years we have invited Daughters partners parents and brother. I always over cater so its just a matter of throwing a few extra vegies on for them and that has to be better than the supermarket chicken and salads that the would have otherwise.
    Bet you went shopping lol. If you enjoy it do it !

  9. Anonymous2:44 PM

    A friend painted over their kitchen cabinets with Auto spray paint, a high gloss and it looks great. Just a suggestion, if possible I would try an off cut as a test piece first. Enjoy reading your blog, Merry Christmas to you and your family. Sandra.

  10. We will have just 4 maybe 5 (i always go to my friends house as her husband died 11 yrs ago) if you count Samuel backwards and forwards to girlfriends family etc! Its always just that, my family however are having everyone over in Aussie we were invited BUT I just can't afford it shame as the grandkids and great grandkids will be there and NOT us. They're having 9-10 should be 11 if counting us.

  11. Have lots of fun with everyone home for the holidays.

  12. Best place to hide something is in plain sight!

  13. There is only the 4 of us this year, but on the upside, we're going to a hotel for Christmas lunch :)


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