Friday, December 12, 2014


This morning I should be going to Patchwork class, but once again I'm not.

I'm catching the train to Middlemore Hospital to have a chest X-ray.  I am sure the results will show me lungs are just fine.  I still think my cough is caused by upper respiratory  congestion, caused by either the blood pressure medication or ?  I dunno.  Something.

Once that is done I shall come home and make a START on Christmas present wrapping.  I've got quite a lot to do.  Comes with having a large family.

I will be able to sort out what (if any) gaps I've got and then get the last few things.

I don't think I need to get much more.  Fingers crossed that is.

Brylee finishes school for the year today .... at least she can't cause any problems at school for the next 7 weeks!

Right... I'm off to get ready to catch that train.

Friday... yaaaa..... sorry Mark!


As it was raining... I opted out of taking the train after all.  I didn't fancy getting wet, plus Brylee is due home early from school so I didn't want her coming home to an empty house.

As it turns out, she's not home and I am.  All good.
I went to Sylvia Park after the hospital and bought all the Christmas chocolates etc.  So now I can get started on the wrapping.


BECKYANNe AND JENNY: I am taking Losec every day already ... so I'm thinking it's not caused by reflux.  I get heartburn sometimes, and very rarely reflux 'proper'.  But not while I'm taking Losec.

Well... I've spent 3 hours in the garage sorting and wrapping presents!  I only got 3 presents actually wrapped.  But the sorting is done, which was a big job.

I've also got a lovely beef 'n' tomato stew on, so dinner is in hand.  I'm playing on me laptop!  A jigsaw puzzle in fact.

End of Day:  a busy day I must say.  I got 80% of the Christmas boxes wrapped tonight while watching Coronation Street.  Very happy it's almost done.
nite nite


  1. Your coughing could be caused by heartburn (acid reflux.) The only symptoms some people have is a cough and extra phlegm.

  2. BeckyAnne beat me to it. Many years ago when I was working.......I had exhaustive tests and the only thing that my cough was put down to was reflux. I was put on Losec and my cough disappeared much to everyone's delight. It had to be the original Losec though not a generic one.......they didn't work. These days I find certain foods set me off. It s trial and error to find which ones. A notebook is good to record for a few days what you eat and if you cough. There is a nerve that runs along side the oseaphegus that gets irritated causing the cough. You don't get actual heartburn as such.....just the cough. It was my only symptom of reflux. :). Hope you get it sorted as it's not nice. It could also be the high blood pressure tablet as others have said. Big hugs x

  3. What did the xray say?

  4. Hi Are you taking accupril or something similar. Many people get asthma type reaction. Take care. Blessings

  5. Rain heading our way but not yet, my dad had a gawd awful cough on blood pressure pills unfortunately. Hope the wrapping goes fact.

  6. Friday here now too! I'll think about you Sunday, when you've got the Monday morning blues!

    Enjoy your train ride! Looking forward to the pics!

  7. I bought my daughter a laptop for Christmas, I took it out of the box yesterday to look at it and I'm tempted to buy myself one too!


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