Wednesday, December 17, 2014


Well... half way through the last week before Christmas.   And I literally have nothing to do except count down the days.
I have talked to a few people and so many of them have not even started their Christmas shopping yet!

How on earth can you leave it so late, and still get just the 'right' things for everyone?
I'd be a blithering mess if I left it all to the last minute.

Have you finished?  Or not even started?

As you know, it was Dante's birthday yesterday, so here's a few photos of last night's present openings, and his 'real' birthday cake ... which Bex made:

 ABOVE:  Learning how to unwrap presents.

  ABOVE:  super excited because he got some 'Paw Patrol' toys, it's a new kid's TV programme that he loves.  Tallulah the mad dog in the background, equally excited!

ABOVE:  so exciting!  And Bex lighting the cake.

 ABOVE:  The AMAZING cake Bex made for Dante.  Her first 'real' cake, with fondant and so on.  Didn't she do well!

ABOVE: Blowing out the candles.  And showing the inner cakes (3), chocolate and banana, and it was very yummy.

 ABOVE:  We said he could... have the first bite!  lol

ABOVE:  Dante and Tallulah had a blast running through bubbles at bedtime!  Tallulah went NUTS chasing them and eating them!  Dante loved running through them and kept saying to Steve "More?"  Steve got a bit breathless after blowing bubbles for half an hour.  *smiles*

Right, that's it for the birthday photos.  Now...

Even though I don't have anything left to do for Christmas, I am going to take the kids out to the mall so they can enjoy the atmosphere, and I still need to visit the bank... something I didn't get around to yesterday.

COCO:  I'm a bit worried about her.  She is not herself.  Suddenly she's not that fond of Tallulah.  And she's acting SCARED all the time?  Like, hovering under our feet, always wanting to be on our lap, just not quite 'normal' for her.  I hope she's OK and nothing is really wrong with her.  I even wonder if someone is hurting her without our knowing?  I just don't know what's going on with her.  *sigh*

Right, gunna go and start the day... and keep a closer eye on my Coco. 


Jobs done.  Fairly busy in Sylvia Park, but not too bad.  Raining quite heavily too, so the traffic was slow.
But, home now and about to have lunch.


ABOVE:  Clearly, it wasn't Coco!  Tallulaha 'self entertained' herself while we were all out and about.  So cute.  That's an entire toilet roll gone.  I am sure the fun she had was worth it.
She's the first puppy of ours to ever do that.  It brought a big smile to my face.

It's been a very quiet afternoon here.  Thunderstorms and torrential rain, but that's all!
The dogs and I had a nap on the couch which was lovely.  Coco was beside me all afternoon and seems to be a little bit happier today.
I can't find anything physically wrong with her.  So... maybe just a phase she's going through.

I'm expecting a quiet evening too.  So...

End of Day:  a lovely day, got lots done.  And enjoyed a quiet afternoon.
nite nite


  1. Wow I just love the expression in dantes face....he is just so the cake and the first bite lol......

  2. Anonymous7:30 AM

    Wow Bex -amazing once again. I don't kknow if you guys got my last message about coming out at some stage for the giraffe but will be in touch soon - finishing work today/tomorrow so then I will be FREE!!!!!! Thank goodness....

  3. Anonymous7:56 AM

    What a gorgeous cake! I certainly could not do that. Happy Birthday to Dante! By the way, great pictures. Marianne in Orlando, FL

  4. Great expressions on Dante's face. Bex did an amazing job of the cake. Hope Coco is ok.

  5. Anonymous8:40 AM

    Thank you for the comments about my cake :) seeing his face lite up like it did was all i wanted and soon ill have 3 boy cakes including steve lol to make :)

    Xx bex

  6. Bex, you could start your own cake business. I've not seen better anywhere.

  7. That cake is gorgeous! I tried making fondant once and it was so hard! Bex did a great job. Keep us posted on Coco. I was just thinking we hadn't heard from Coco in a while. My Hagrid was acting exactly like that a few days ago. HAving no tolerance of Ollie, (who is , I admit an obnoxious collie) shaking, and being clingy. But he's all back to his normal self now.

  8. Love the cake! Looks amazing! Keep an eye on coco and just observe quietly. Mind you, our Rose is doing the same thing lately. Very skittish. Something the doggies know that we don't??

  9. Cake looks amazing,you would never know it was her first time to do that! Great job Bex!

  10. Llooks like Dante had a great time and Bec what an amazing job on the cakes

  11. Love the cake Bex - an amazing job.
    I hope Coco is back to her old self soon.

  12. Anonymous2:06 PM


    Great cake! and Dante is so cute ! maybe Tallulah is getting too busy for Coco at the moment ?


  13. Anonymous2:25 PM

    Happy Birthday Dante!! Well done with the cake Bex!!! It looks amazing :-) Hope Coco is back to normal soon. Hope Tallulah's mess was easily cleaned up :-)

  14. Gorgeous expression, neat came Bex you make great cakes. Tallulah Tallulah funny!

  15. Love the birthday photos - thanks for sharing! Beck did and amazing job with the cake! Hope Coco is ok the toilet roll mess...must have been entertained for ages!!

  16. great shot of Dantes cakebite!
    The dawg..... I thought only cats did that!

  17. That cake is great! Looks like a fun night.

    LOL on the TP! I've had a few cats do that.

  18. I am so happy to see your response to puppy's misdeeds. She is so cute and proud of herself!

  19. Belated Happy Birthday Dante! The cake looks yummy.


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