Tuesday, December 30, 2014


Today I show you my flowers... cos in this property we don't actually have many pretty flowers...

 ABOVE: My growing collection of container pots with flowers.  One day I can see the entire fence line covered in pots of flowers. I might even get silly and get a yellow/orange one yet!  Or not.  I really love blues/pinks/lilacs and whites the best.

Brylee had a play with my hair last night, and did this:

ABOVE: came out quite nice actually.  Not sure if I'd wear it like that 'out and about' but who knows?  Can you see the touch of sunburn on the back of my neck?
Got that doing the waterblasting yesterday afternoon.  

My face got a touch too... first real sun on my body in a couple of years.  I've been avoiding the sun, I just get too hot!

Maybe this summer I will get a tan?   I can always jump in the spa pool to cool down, now it's running at 27 degrees.

We are expecting Lacy and Keera today ... at some point.

Lacy needs Keera looked after for the next couple of days as her boyfriend's father passed away suddenly on the 24th, and his funeral is today EDITED... the funeral is tomorrow..
Such a sad and tragic thing to happen right before Christmas.

So, we shall have the pleasure of Miss Muppet's company, that's going to be so neat.  She hasn't been here much lately.

Right, I'm off to do something constructive...


WHOOPS!  We have been busy!

First off, we went to the mall for fresh fruit and veges, and Stew spent his Hallensteins Gift Voucher from Kelly and Gordon.

ABOVE: Kelly, Dad got 5 singlets with the gift voucher, thank you!

Then we came home and had lunch.  Lacy, Keera and Ava arrived (Ava is Lacy's boyfriend's 8 yr old daugher), they stayed for a couple of hours then Lacy and Ava left again, leaving Keera here.

ABOVE:  Little Miss Muppet's hair is going gold in the summer sun.  She's adorable, a real delight to have here.

After they left, Stew decided to chop down the two palms up by the lawn, they have outgrown their setting:

ABOVE: Before and after.

ABOVE: Tallulah had to be in the thick of it the entire time, she's such a nosey parker!

ABOVE:  The reason we had to chop them down.  Stew has put plant killer on the stumps, so now we have to wait for them to die and rot before trying to remove them completely.

That will give us time to decide what else to put there.

When Steve and Bex got back from shopping, the kids and Steve had a water fight with water guns and I lay in the sun and got all wet, which was really refreshing.  Dante enjoyed shooting me with his water gun too.  Keera had a blast getting all wet as well.

Now... almost time to think about dinner.  But not really.  We are having meatloaf and salads.

I've already had my 'main' meal of the day... I had a baked potato with onions/mushrooms/baked beans and cheese.  One of my most favourite meals.

Tonight I will just have something small.... maybe some fruit and cheese.

End of Day:  another really lovely summer's day here.  Miss Muppet keeps going around saying "Mummy?  Couple of days."
So cute.  Stew told her Mummy would be back in a couple of days, so she keeps saying it.  All is quiet, kids are all in bed, time to hit the sack myself.
nite nite


  1. I love what Brylee did with your hair. Very creative. Keera is so cute. Enjoy the visit.

  2. Brûlée did a great job with your hair

    1. I didnt type Brulee gremlins did that (see I cant do the fancy bits over the letters)

  3. Wow nice job Brylee looks great. Wish I was out with water its humid humid hot here!

  4. Pity you had to cut the trees down. I have to prune a bunch in the back...

  5. Your hair looked great! Very pretty. Good to see Keera on the blog again!

  6. Brylee did a lovely job of your hair .... future hairdresser in your family maybe??

  7. Your flower garden/yard looks great.

  8. Wow Brylee, what a great job. I think it looks gorgeous, wish I had enough hair to do that!


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