Sunday, December 07, 2014


But I think we are going to browse the shops, check out a new shop we both haven't been to before, and maybe catch up with Anne again too.

So, believe it or not... that really is all I have for now!

I will be back later, hopefully with more photos of our day.


So Chris D and I went to town and had lunch with Anne ... which was lovely. 
Then we went to browse the stalls set up in the square.   I found some Christmas presents so came away happy. 

he cough is ever present and I'm getting quite a few foul looks from people !  Sadly there is nothing I can do about it.

 It's not like I can stay home till it goes away!  I could be home for months.

Anyway, we are having a quiet couple of hours at home before going to Anne's for dinner.

Photos from today:

 ABOVE: entertainment and stall in the square.

ABOVE:  Anne and Chris.

 ABOVE:  the girls buying sweets.

 ABOVE:  Anne and her darling little Bichon puppy Gracie.  She's 12 weeks old and adorable.

ABOVE:  A shop near Anne's home that is festooned with Christmas lights... and it's so pretty.

End of Day:  another neat day here in Palmerston North.  Really looking forward to tomorrow night when I get to see our son Mike.  Not seen him in MONTHS, so it's going to be neat to see him again.
nite nite


  1. Anonymous10:35 AM

    Sorry Chris doesn't look like we are going to catch u this time. Rose is working today and they also have their first open home on their house. I'm tied up with my neighbour this morning and a friend this afternoon so will have to catch you next time. Looks like you are having a great time anyway Love Lois

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  3. Soundslike a nice way to spend the day!

  4. A lovely way to spend time with friends….enjoy x

  5. Great to hear that you are enjoying yourself

  6. Hope u are enjoying your little summer holiday......havr a great time.....see you in 12 days.

  7. Chris hate to tell you but I'm still coughing like im on my last legs a fe times a day and I got cold and cough s in August. Enjoy your time in PN. I wish it was closer. Saw some of your Britto ornaments in shop on Saturday. Gorgeous. They often have 40% off sales so let me know if there's one you can't find. Take care. Hugs

  8. Nice sneakers too BTW bet you are enjoying shopping and catching up with friends.

  9. So good to have you back in Palmy - even though it is just a visit. Gracie crashed probably before you even reached the end of my street.

  10. While you're there go and have a look at Quilts and Crafts in Cuba Street, opposite the Chinese restaurant. I know you'll be able to make a lot of it yourself but a neat place to see what others do. It's all handmade and good quality. And if my awesome best friend Emma is working please give her a big hug from me. You'll enjoy the shop Chris.

  11. I so wish my weekend was not full on so I could have organised to catch up. Really pleased you are enjoying your visit down here.


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