Sunday, December 21, 2014


Today I am hoping to do some more kitchen cupboard painting... well... getting a few doors READY for painting that is.

I am going to try and get all the doors that will have the contrasting paint colour on them ready to do first... because I am itching to see how it will look!

What else?  I know Stew wants to get some new summer shoes, so we shall visit the mall I suppose.  I am guessing the malls will be flat out busy.  

Oh and I would like to get a few new pretty flower type plants for me pots.  I had some Lobelia growing and it was beautiful, but it's died back now, so I want to replace it.  I want my garden to look pretty.

So, that's about all for now.... so until later... 


So they are handing out free sparkling water at the mall. ... so I get 2.   Sitting at Hallensteins while Stew tries on shorts, I open one.  And it FIZZES everywhere... oops.

And they don't have a rag to mop it up....

So the boy put paper on the floor. Ingenious.

Just got this picture from Steve at home:
Tallulah having a blast in Dante's paddle pool. Adorable!

After Sylvia Park, we went over to St Lukes mall as they have a Farmers Store.  Stew finally found some nice summer shorts there.
I also got a heap of really thin ankle socks to wear with me sneakers.

Then home....

 ABOVE:  home to these two toddlers... who are so bloody cute!

ABOVE:  I think this summer will be spent keeping Tallulah out of the paddle pool.  *smiles*

I have done NO painting or prep work towards it all day.  So much for planning my day!
Let's just go with the flow for now I think.
I've had a headache all day too... and finally succumbed and took some panadol.  Hope it kicks in fast.

Stew is cooking Roast pork for dinner, I'm not even hungry.  

End of Day:  when that roast pork came out of the oven... OMy, I just had to have some after all!  It was just lovely.
After dinner I watched telly and did a jigsaw on my lap top... I blame YOU Chris D for getting me started on them!  
nite nite


  1. So exciting. You're always up to something with this house. :)

  2. Such a beautiful photo of Dante and are brave heading out to shopping centres this time of the year!!! That kind of sparking water gets my DH every time...usually sprays all over the kitchen bench, wall, ceiling...I swear he shakes it first!!

  3. Don't forget that Pakuranga has a Farmers - one of the best around and parking is easy there. That's where I go.

  4. Oh and forgot to mention - men's clothing is all half price tomorrow! Maybe take the shorts back, get a refund and buy them again!!

  5. Tallulah is just the best fit for your family. She loves being involved in EVERYTHING! Such a cutie.

  6. Both your toddlers are so cute :-) Looking at your pics makes me so homesick for a fair dinkum Kiwi Christmas..:-)

  7. Awwwww Tallulah and Dante so cute together, I have upped my water intake dramatically, now the warmer weather is here.

  8. The puppy and Dante are so cute!


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