Sunday, December 28, 2014


I'm pretty sure today is dedicated to bugger all!
We might get out to the garden centre for some flowers yet!

I took these photos yesterday...

 ABOVE:  Give a kid and puppy water... and you get FUN!

 ABOVE:  AND a wet Granddad!  He's lucky he's got such a lovely Granddad.

ABOVE:  Our mad puppy Tallulah.  She's such a delightful little girl.  Coco doesn't like the water, so she was no where to be seen!

Right, that's all for now... catch ya later.


Well... we finally got some plants, but they will not get planted until tonight, when it's much cooler.  Right now it's blisteringly hot outside.

We also went to Spotlight and bought enough wadding to plump up our old lounge suite.  It's sadly 'flat' after 17 years, so that's the next big job!

ABOVE: Didn't quite think it through before we left, we should have taken  the Highlander! Luckily for the kids we only live about 10 minutes from Spotlight.

ABOVE:  While there I spied 3 more fabrics I wanted and a big 10 metre roll of calico, which is perfect for using as backing fabric for me mug rugs/placemats etc.

ABOVE: Last night I prepared a 'few' mug rugs ready for stitching.  I had all these heart blocks ready, which I made 2-3 years ago!
So... I'm keeping myself busy if nothing else. *smiles*

Stew and I worked for a few of hours this afternoon putting new wadding in our green lounge suite:

 ABOVE:  it was hot work!  We couldn't find any super thick wadding, so had planned on using three layers of this thinner stuff.  But in the end we only used two layers.  So, we have ended up with a good deal left... YA!  I can use it in the sewing room. What a BONUS.

ABOVE:  Now the green suite is as plump as the brown suite.  Before, the green suite looked really small ...

ABOVE: now the head rests are as high as the brown suite.  I'm thrilled with how well it's come out.

End of Day:  another busy and productive day.
We got lots of lovely flowers planted this evening too... I'll show you tomorrow.
nite nite


  1. nawwww - the cutest pix ever! x

  2. Tallulah and Dante are so darned cute together, priceless pic of wadding and car. You certainly have been busy with all those mug rugs!

  3. Well done on all the successful DIY projects you've tackled as a household lately - I wish we had the skills you guys have. Love the photos - very cute!

  4. I need to do that to my couch (which isn't that old) but the cushions are sewn down to the base and there is no zipper :/


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