Sunday, August 31, 2014


I am expecting to finish the little dragon wall hanging today.
It's looking so cute:

ABOVE:  The baby boy's name is pronounced Lo-rell.  Apparently it's after an American Rap singer.  I'm putting a green binding around the outside this morning, then it will be ready to give to the Mum.

ABOVE:  Bex got this cute little giraffe in the mail yesterday, from her friend Mandy.   Mandy got it in Spain on her recent European trip.  Bex loves it.

Right, that's me for now... I hope everyone is enjoying a relaxing Sunday like me.
(Saturday for you folks in the Northern Hemisphere).


KIM J, uk :  I haven't done a 'professional job'!  It's nowhere near perfect.  As for what machine I use, I now have a Brother Dreamweaver.  I think they are retailing for around $3,600 here.  
But I have to say it, I could have done just as nice a job using my little Brother machine, which cost about $600.  

I have two machines, one for sewing fabric, and one for sewing fabric onto card.  I don't like to use the more expensive machine to sew on card in case it causes problems with the machine.

I used to have a Husqvarna sewing machine, equal cost to my big Brother Dreamweaver, but it was the machine from hell, and finally after 4 years of massive problems with it the retailer swapped it for my lovely Brother Dreamweaver.

I call him 'McDreamy' ... cos he is gorgeous, and hasn't given me one second's trouble.

Stew and I are off grocery shopping shortly.  I hope it's not too busy in the shop, or I'm bound to get home all crabby.

HOME.  Slightly crabby.... two women in front of us at the meat department... decided to look at EVERY SINGLE package of chicken thighs, and I stood and waited, and waited, and they looked at me and then decided to do it all again!  They took FOREVER to decide on the ONE package of meat they wanted, then they moved on... slowly.

I could have punched them one, I swear to god. Then we had to put up with them wandering slowly in front of us on several occasions.  They even sniggered at our trolleys too... bitches. 

It didn't help one's mood when at checkout the bill was bloody HUGE.  *sigh*

Anyway, it's done for another fortnight, and Steve is cooking dinner.  So time to relax.  Might get to that Dragon at some point too. 

BLONDIE:  I don't think so.  I'll take a photo and show them that way.

LYNDA:  As we end up with two full trolleys, I don't fancy having to push and pull both of them myself.  Though I have done that in the past plenty of times.
We like to do it together, so that's why we do it on the weekends.
If we leave it till the evening when it's likely to be quieter, the shelves are half empty, as is the meat department.

The Wall Hanging is finished.  I will post the final photo of it tomorrow, it will give me something to put on the blog tomorrow!

Dinner tonight (courtesy of Steve) is Pork Belly and vegetables.  We have never done Pork Belly before, so this should be interesting.  A few people have said how lovely it is... time will tell.

PORK BELLY!  I can't believe how much it changes as it cooks!  It starts out so thin and you can't even tell there's any 'meat' there, but it puffs up over almost 5 hours and the meat is there!  And lots of crackling.  OMG everyone loves crackling.

We shall NEVER be getting any other sort of pork roast from now on that's for sure.
It's gunna be pork belly from now on.

End of Day: I pulled my back while grocery shopping, and it's really awful.  I can't even breath or laugh, cough, hiccup without pain.
I've taken a pill and Stew's rubbed some foul smelling shit on me back... so hopefully it will feel a bit better by the time I go to bed.
nite nite


  1. Anonymous8:15 AM

    Chris, you did a plendid job applique that wall hanging. What kind of sewing machine do you have? I'm nervous to even ask how much it cost but with that professional job you did, bet it was cheap. Well done girl you deserve a pat on the back.
    Kind regards Kim J, uk

  2. The wall hanging is suuuuper cute!

  3. Anonymous10:43 AM

    Awhh Chris thanks for coming back to me. Don't know the equivalent of yr brother machine as I don't think they retail it here. What ever it is, yours is lovely. Seen pics on the net. I am thinking of buying the Toyota 226 quiltmaster as its not expensive and I think it will suit my needs for now. We will see. Yr work is beautiful, you should be proud of yourself. You are my guru.
    Kind regards, Kim J, uk

    1. Kim, I was looking at Toyota machines and the sales lady told me very quietly that Toyota make great cars but *****sewing machines.
      I did end up getting a high end Janome mainly because I have never had a problem with my well used 20 tear old basic one

    2. Anonymous7:41 AM

      Thanks Dee for the advice. It's just that I read some really good reviews about this machine and it kind of has all the things I want from a machine. I went into town yesterday to test drive (sorry about the pun) a Janome 24. It seemed easy enough to operate but then the salesman tried to sell me all the quilting feet I need and the price shot up immensely. With the Toyota 226 all the feet and extension table came up to an affordable price! Now I'm sort of confused!!
      Thanks for your advice though!
      Kim J, uk

    3. Thats fine Kim after all it is your choice and your machine and you have to be happy with what you buy


  4. Ohhhh that's is gorgeous and bright colorful. How cute the giraffe necklace is, the ladies at class will they get to see the finished project?

  5. Wall hanging is looking great Chris !

  6. I need to ask… why don't you do your grocery shop during the week? I do and there is never any crowding. I usually do Monday or Tuesday morning and it's a breeze! If it's the getting it from the car etc then you could leave most of it until help arrives. I've never understood why you battle the weekend crowds :)

  7. Early morning is the best time to do grocery shopping.

  8. OK, if you like to shop together... how about weekly then only one trolley? Just thinking of what a massive job it is for you!! Mind you, when there are less living there it will be a lot easier I suspect :)

    1. Yep much easier cos we won't need to get so much.

  9. Sorry to hear about your injured back. I may actually try to seek out this pork belly stuff. It cooks for 5 hours you say? Also -I am still contemplating buying that jelly ring. But don't know what else to do with it besides the sandwich - i don;t make jello. And I read if you do make jello - it has to be full and takes a bunch of packages - is that true?

  10. I hate when people are like that in the grocery store. Or when they bring like 6 people with them to shop. Let's all stand there and decide what can of beans we need and discuss it in the aisle. Drives me nuts!


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