Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Today WAS going to be the first day I went to a new Patchwork class down in Manukau.

But, something has come up and I'm not going after all.

I'm not going to tell you what it is... I will show you later... like around 10.30 am.

Until then... how's ya day going?

Bex and Dante are taking Matt back to his brother's home in Hamilton this morning, so it's 'bye bye Matt' until he's up again.  And I'm sure next time he's up he will be staying with Steve and Bex in their own place.

Right, before I go for now:

ABOVE:  Dante's idea of comfort... lots of cushions piled up on Granddad.  Very cute with tomato sauce on his face from dinner!

Right... catch ya later...


Well... here is what is happening today:

ABOVE:  WOW!   Keera is here while her Mum and Uncle Andrew clean Lacy's house so she can hand in the keys today and leave Auckland.  AND as you can see, this is the FIRST I was talking about... Emily and Liam are here too!

Liam has NEVER been in my house before.  It feels ... strange.

Sadly the won't see their Granddad, he's at work.

Right, I better go and keep an eye on them, though now that my computer desk is in the family room, I can actually  SEE them right beside me playing.
Freakin' handy having the computer here I must say.


I'm changing Keera's nappy....

EMILY: "Oh look, she's got a bum like mine!"

ME:  "Yep, that's because she's a girl like you.  I'm a girl too, so my bum looks like that too".

EMILY:  "Can I see your bum?"

ME: "Ahhhh... no."

All kids fed, Liam asleep in porta-cot in the lounge so I can keep an eye on him.
Emily and Keera happily watching kids TV and climbing all over the couch, using it as a slide.

ME?  About ready to put Keera in the naughty corner!  I've never seen her so naughty in my house.  Just doing stuff she a never done here before.
We are staring each other down right now... she damn well knows she's being naughty!  *sigh*

I will add more photos of the kids later on, once they have left.  Right now it's keep an eye on them and try to get my lunch...

Massively upset with myself!
I took dozens of photos of the kids this afternoon.  And when I went to download them... I realised I'd left the camera card in the computer, where I put it this morning to show you that first photo.

OMG I've done this so many times... you'd think I would have learnt by now to CHECK, CHECK AND FRIGGIN CHECK AGAIN that I had put it back in the camera.

This is about the only thing I LOATHE about my Canon, it doesn't bleep and let you know if there is no card in it!

So, I've only got a few left from this morning to share:

Still kicking myself for not having the card in me camera this afternoon.  So crabby.

Because everyone was tired tonight, we had KFC for dinner.  What a relief, I so didn't feel like cooking.

Once settled in the lounge after dinner I pretty much did diddly squat for the rest of the evening.

End of Day:  well it was a different sort of day in one way, and not really in another.  Me looking after kids, being around grandkids all day.
Tomorrow will be different.
nite nite


  1. Visit to the hairdressers-shorter hair??????

  2. My Tuesday is going well, how's your Wednesday? Can't wait to hear the tale!

  3. Dante is too cute. Appointment at school? Job interview? Really the mind boggles. How is Russell doing?

  4. Enjoy your extra special family time, Chris xx

  5. Goodtime for Gramps to come home sick I think

  6. So, having your grandson Liam at your house for the first time was the secret. Enjoy your day with the little ones.

    1. Also Emily. Lovely to have BOTH of them... and Miss Muppet.

  7. How lovely for you, enjoy.

  8. Fantastic. Enjoy your day with them.

  9. Have a wonderful time with those wee kiddies.

  10. Anonymous2:15 PM

    Hope you have al lovely day with the grand kids. Keera is probably being naughty coz she doesn't want to share you :-)

  11. Looks like you had a lovely day - and I agree. Keera is not used to sharing you! Love it! Goodnight.

  12. So happy for you that you get to spend the day with grandbabies! I know you are loving on them and having a great time!

  13. Anonymous4:45 PM


    Liam and Emily are gorgeous!


  14. The kids are just gorgeous Chris!
    (P.S Ive worked out how to comment! yay!) its the little things...

  15. Glad you got to see all the littles! Too bad Dante didn't get to play with his cousins.

  16. Awww! What sweeties! I hope they had a great time!

  17. Looks like a great day with lots of fun times with grandkids. They are adorable, even the naughty ones. lol


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