Thursday, August 21, 2014


First thing this morning I'm popping out to the mall to get a couple of things on me list, then I'm calling into the Patchwork Shop to see what time on Friday they have a class.  I know they have one on Wednesday (which I had to miss), so will check out their Friday one instead.

Next week I'll go to the Wednesday one then decided which one I want to go to on a more permanent basis.

I'm really looking forward to it!  Getting out and meeting new people again.  

We have been watching The X Factor, Australia, and there's a young 14 year old girl who is doing really well and is an AMAZING singer (Marlisa Punzalan).  I heard her singing a Jessica Mauboy song 'Never Be The Same'... it's a gorgeous song.  

ABOVE:  This is Marlisa singing Jessica's song. I hope to find a CD of Jessica Mauboy's so I can listen to more of her music.

Before I go, Dante had his first ever ice block yesterday at Kelly's in Hamilton, Bex got a photo of him:

ABOVE:  Hee hee... it was COLD, you can tell from his face what he thought of it.  Seems he loved his ice block.

ABOVE:  there he is playing with an orca ... at a friend's of Bex's, taken yesterday too.  Such a cheeky wee man... he's full of a head cold right now too.  Not so much fun at night for his Mum and Dad.

I'm off now... catch ya later...


What a lovely morning I've had!  I got out on me own, wandered around the shops, bought 2 music CD'd of Jessica Mauboy's and just enjoyed being out.
It's one of those lovely sunny mid winter days.

OH WOW, would ya look at that?  I've not updated for hours!
I've been busy reading blogs... so I'm not gunna feel guilty at all.

I just had dinner, a lovely beef and tomato stew and veges.   And now I'm taking a break from the blog reading and am going to watch some TV for the evening.

What have YOU been doing today?  I hope it is fun... or at least you are getting paid for it!

End of Day:  I enjoyed today. It was nice and quiet, I didn't feel stressed out over ANYTHING and that is rare at the moment.
I love how my lounge looks, so big without the computer area, it's really making me happy.  I'm know I'm a sad git.
nite nite


  1. Yes that young Marlisa is amazing. New classes how exciting that means more projects? Lol perfect for you.

  2. Marlissa is my favourite on X Factor here too. And I love Brothers 3. Whether either win or not they are destined for a bright future.

  3. Glad you liked my flower sketches. I hope you have a massively awesome time at the patchwork shop...look forward to seeing what you make :-)

  4. Glad you had a good and stress free day.

  5. What type of classes are they? Must be ongoing every week? Love that look on Dante's face. He is such a cutie pie!

  6. A good and stress free day-what more can you ask for?! Bex is so cute, feel bad for the head cold though.


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