Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Today I am going to be an utter SLOTH!

I have at least 10 episodes of Home and Away to watch, so this morning I am going to watch as many as I can.

I might have to go out at some point... not sure yet.  If so, this afternoon will be tv watching instead.

I don't care either way.

My boss at the Hospice shop (D) became a grandmother again on Friday.  Things have not gone well for her daughter or the baby, with baby still being in ICU.   I want to make a wall hanging for the Mum, and put baby's name on it ... that will be my project this week in the Patchwork Class.  

So along with the TV watching, I will be looking at animal characters to find the perfect animal to make into a pretty kiddy type wall hanging.

I want it to be happy and cheerful, and cute.

A couple of possibilities I've looked at so far:

ABOVE:  I quite like the little dragon...


Well.. I've watched all but 2 episodes of Home and Away and am happy to stop!

I have decided to go with the little Dragon for a Wall hanging.  I took the small picture down to Warehouse Stationary and got it upsized.

I took the dogs with me for a little outing.
As I had to wait 15 minutes for the large print, I decided to see if I had something in the back of me car to tie onto the dogs so I could take them for a little walk.

ONLY thing I could find was a ratchet tie down:

ABOVE:  It worked!  And the dogs loved exploring a totally new area.  It's a park in central Manukau.  I found some pine cones too... they are still in the car, but they will come inside and smell lovely later.

ABOVE:  Dante today at Playcentre, enjoying playing Connect Four with himself.

Getting heaps of the cutting out of the dragon done today!  I've had to stop for now as dinner is ready.  Bex has cooked lamb chops and veges. 

End of Day:  well a quiet evening had by all.  I spend most evenings listening to TV while playing 2048+, my score on my current game is a whopping 15,433,968... and every time I think I'm going to lose I somehow managed to get back from the brink!
I think I've been playing this latest game for about 2 weeks!
I sometimes wish I would lose already!
Time for bed... nite nite


  1. Love the dragon too.

  2. That Dragon has the cheekiest face I like that too. Today is physio apptmnt and not much else.

  3. Anonymous8:32 AM

    Yes the dragon. Is cute.

  4. Anonymous8:57 AM

    my vote is for the dragon too Felicity

  5. The dragon is very cute and cheerful, but it will be cute and a lovely gesture no matter what you choose.

  6. We adore the wall-hanging you did for Corbin! I have decorated his whole room around it. Yes, the dragon is adorable x

  7. Go with the dragon. Hope Mum and bub are ok.

  8. Anonymous12:33 PM

    The dragon is very cute id make him :) bex

  9. That dragon is really cute!


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