Friday, August 29, 2014


Before I get to Patchwork class today I have to dash into Spotlight for a few supplies, then I will be set for the weekend.
I can see this project finished in just a few more days!  I can't wait to give it to M-A for her wee baby boy.

I just hope by then baby will be out of the woods and he can be taken home by his Mum and Dad.  Fingers crossed on that one.  

I've not asked my friend D how things have been going with baby in the last few days, but on Tuesday he was weaned off the ventilator and was breathing on his own.  So small steps towards recovery hopefully. 

I will stop in at the Hospice Shop and see if she's there and ask her then.

I'm totally in love with this little dragon!  I might just have to make another one yet.  lol

What else is the haps?  Ummm...not much actually.  I'm down to half an anti-depressant pill at night and feeling wonderful.  Still no side effects!  Appetite is still the same, haven't actually noticed a drop in it, but strangely enough I'm not able to eat as much as 'usual'?

Don't know if that is down to the decreased medication, or if it's psychological.  Either way, it's a win for me.

Once I'm home from me class I'm going to read a few blogs I think.  Let's see what YOU have been up to!


Well very good news on M-A's baby.  He's out of the woods and they have both transferred to a 'normal' post natal maternity home.  So relieved.   

Class was lovely again today.  I got half the baby's name stitched on and will finish that section sometime today.

Bex has been a darling and hung out me washing for me... fingers crossed it doesn't rain! 

I'm now waiting for a few eggs to cook so I can make an egg/cheese sandwich for lunch.

ABOVE:  dinner.   I've made 16 of these.  Frankfurters wrapped in bacon then encased in pastry. They have just gone in the oven.

Bex:  "What are we having with them?"

ME:  "Are you joking?  Tomato Sauce of COURSE!"

I think she expected me to add vegetables on the side!  Ahhh... NO.  Silly girl.
It's Friday night.  Anything goes on a Friday night.

Dinner was lovely.  Though BLONDIE, I agree, some onion and cheese would have made them even nicer.

End of Day:  another lovely day here.  Heading into a wet weekend if the weather forecast is anything to go by.
Stew is not impressed.
nite nite


  1. Glad you are well! VERY encouraged to hear Lacy and Keera are well also! :)

    1. Anonymous9:12 PM

      Yea 'happy elf mom' Keera and I are doing good :-) now just to settle and then find our 'home'
      But until then we are both happy and getting settled Keera is loving all the company and new people in our lives :-)

  2. Can't wait to see the Dragon, here's hoping the pill decrease is a winner. Those Frankfurter things look fan could you add cheese and brown onion ? Too.

  3. Great news about the baby. The dragon is looking great.

  4. Your dragon project looks awesome Chris. Cool idea you had for tea - and I loved Blondie1's idea of adding cheese and onions. Might have to give them a go.

  5. Have a lovely weekend.

  6. Those look amazing!

    That's great that the baby is doing better! I'm sure they will love and cherish your dragon quilt.

  7. I do something similar to this with gourmet sausages. I roll them in puff pastry (cut one sheet in half per sausage) and then score them into 3. when cooked I cut them into party size. Serve with sauce and bob's your uncle!


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