Saturday, August 02, 2014


Apparently we are in for another stormy weekend.  Nice.
Won't be hanging the washing outside then.
I don't mind wet and wild weather, but I do feel sorry for the places that are constantly being flooded.

Poor buggers in various places have had it pretty bad in the past month.

I hope it's not as bad a predicted.

This morning, bright and early Stew is off to get his eyes checked and get new glasses.  I will be going with him to offer my opinion on new frames.

Men 'sometimes' just need a little helpful advice eh?  *smiles*  
He's wanting bi-focals, because he is constantly pushing his present glasses up onto his forehead to read things up close.
So, he really does need new glasses.

After his appointment I suspect we will have a wander around the mall then come home and do some housework.
At some point we will do the grocery shopping too. Either today or tomorrow.  No rush on that.

Bex has just finished crocheting her first Baby Blanket.  It's for a friend from her Playcentre group.

ABOVE:  It is for a bassinette or pram, not too big.  Utterly gorgeous and her first 'big' project.  She is now making a little teddy bear to pin onto it too.
Clever tart.

Right, I'm off to get ready to go out...


New glasses.... SORTED.   $1,500 for ONE PAIR of progressive glasses!  I chose the frames. 

ABOVE:  Well... what do ya think?  He gets them in about 8 days time. 

We went to Albany mall for lunch, where I got this:

ABOVE: This gorgeous BRITTO coffee cup.....

ABOVE:  Ha ha!  It's a shot cup I think?  It's so cute.  
p.s. :  if my husband wants to buy me BRITTO he can, it does not have to be for any 'specific' reason.

When we left Albany Stew had another bright idea, so we went to Cushla's in Devonport... where I got:

ABOVE:  a few lovely fat quarters and a book with 12 toys to make.  I fell in love with the lion on the cover!

Oh yes, we also stopped at the Albany Spotlight store where I got some more wool for baby booties.

ABOVE:  gorgeous baby wool!  I shall use the darker for bigger baby booties.

Now we are home and it's getting a bit cold sitting here, so I'm going to snuggle on the couch with me blankie and knit for a while I think.

End of Day: I knitted the first of another pair of booties tonight, while watching the TV.
Everyone is in bed and I'm about to head off there too... it's almost midnight.
nite nite


  1. Are you freaking kidding me? $1500????? I got top quality titanium frames from the top designer range, top quality lenses, bifocal with all the coatings etc for $500 from Specsavers a year ago. Did you shop around?

  2. Anonymous12:10 PM

    The blanket is beautiful, great work Bex, very clever tart indeed! The glassess really do suit Stew. Have a wonderul weekend.

  3. Anonymous12:29 PM

    Love the glasses.Jo

  4. Wet and wild here too. Love the blanket great job, nice frames .I am whipping up hot soup and toasties for lunch.

  5. Whoot whoo... the glasses look great!

  6. Nice glasses! Good choice. Good quality specs are worth every cent, they make such a difference to your quality of life, and they last much better than the cheapies.

  7. Anonymous1:57 PM

    Bloody hell $1500 is expensive. And those statue things you are buying arnt they suppose to be rewards for losing weight why buy them just because. You need an incentive to lose weight they would mean more if your arnt them wouldn't they?

  8. The glasses look really good.

  9. Let me know if you want the website online where I get my glasses from! Soooooooooo much cheaper :) all you need is your script

  10. Your coffee cup WAS a reward ... for being you. :)

    Those glasses really suit Stew.

    Bex is a clever tart. She's obviously been living with you and your creativity has rubbed off!!!!!!

  11. Ohh I wish you had said you were close to me could have come had a coffee with you !!!

  12. New glasses look very charming. Good choice. I like getting glasses here - our medical insurance means we barely pay anything - around $100 for multi focal lenses at the most :-)

  13. That blanket is beautiful!

    $1500 for new glasses? cough cough


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