Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Today is a fresh start.

I'm going to enjoy those around me, and move on with living LIFE for me and Stew.

This little man is what makes me smile EVERY SINGLE DAY, and I am so thankful for having him in our lives.

ABOVE:  In his Mummy's glasses. He looks so adorable!

Today:  the weather is utter crap, wind and rain, and FREEZING.
I feel so sorry for Griffin on his school camp.  It does my head in knowing that a good proportion of the camp activities will NOT be experienced due to the dreadful weather.

Brylee had the same thing happen on her senior year camp too.  

I hope he's not getting too wet or cold, and they feed him plenty.  If he's hungry he's more grumpy than me!

Because Bex's brother Matt has not been to Auckland before, I am taking him for a jaunt over the harbour bridge today, and we will have lunch in Devonport.  If the weather eases at all we will then go up Mt Victoria so Matt can see the view of the city.

Oh and Bex and I want to visit the local fabric and wool shops too.  That's a given!
Matt can push Dante in the pushchair and do the 'bag boy' stuff!  (as in, he gets to carry our bags!)

Right, better get moving... 


Our new fridge just arrived!  Yaaa... I will sort it out later.  
The weather has OMG taken a complete 180!  It's sunshine all over the place.  Excellent.

Still freezing though... but that's OK, it helps with the hot flushes.

We have had the most lovely day!  While the weather has been a bit hit 'n' miss, with frequent heavy showers, we've managed to dodge most of them.

ABOVE:  When we got to Devonport it was pissing down with rain and freezing, so we went into a pub that had a lovely open fireplace and had an early lunch.
Bex had Ceasar salad, I had fish 'n' chips and Matt had Eggs Benedict with onion and bacon.  He also got to eat some of my lunch cos it was too much fish.

Then we went up Mount Victoria, and luckily the clouds and rain cleared for us:

 ABOVE:  Dante absolutely LOVED being up there!  He got mega excited, and kept saying 'WOW, WOW!".   

 ABOVE: Behind Matt is Rangitoto Island, and behind that is Mototapu Island, where Griffin is.  
 ABOVE:  All those 'mushrooms' cover ventilation shafts from all the tunnels under Mt Victoria.  Years ago they were used by the military.
Dante's stance.  NO, I do not want to go back to the car.
Bex's stance.  Dammit child, come on!
He just loved being up there running around.

 ABOVE: Yes I got some fat quarters at Cushla's Fabric shop!  And I used up all the spaces on their 'Loyalty Card' so next time I go I get a nice little discount on my next purchase.  SCORE!

After our jaunt in Devonport I took them to Mission Bay for an ice cream at Movenpick.
Matt had never had a Movenpick ice cream EVER!
ABOVE: It would be safe to say he LOVED it!  We all did.  

After that, we came home ... and now I'm going to get my new fridge into my kitchen.... YAAAaaaa.

How weird is it with only two posts on my blog?  It's creeping me out... I might have to put them back soon, even if that means some people who I DREAD seeing my blog/family life can see it.

End of Day:  such a good day,  I thoroughly enjoyed getting out and about and just having nothing to do but be with family.
Wow, it's 11.35 pm and we are having a massive hail storm!  Talk about LOUD!
Oh well... I'm off to bed and looking forward to tomorrow.
nite nite


  1. Oh Dante just melts my heart. He is so handsome and funny. Life's too short Chris. Enjoy each day and don't let those you can't control get you down. My motto now.

  2. Hope you have a fantastic day showing matt around......and of course fabric shopping. me...

  3. Dante looks so grown up! I'm sure camp will be great (they aren't at school) so that's a bonus. We have sunshine but boy its cold here surprise not! I lived in Devonport my favourite place.

  4. Anonymous10:57 AM

    Cuteness overload with that boy.What a character!. Have a wonderful day Chris. Stay happy and positive and do not let anyone elses selfish acts upset or control you. Can't wait to see pictures of the fridge. That sounds wierd now I've typed it, but I love myself a big organised fridge.

  5. Enjoy the sunny weather while it lasts :-)

  6. Anonymous2:10 PM

    Glad the weather has picked up for you. Dante is just adorbs in the glasses!!!!!!

  7. nawwww Dante is just soooo darn cute :-)

  8. Next time you go to Devonport & go up Mt Vic, take some big pieces of stiff cardboard & get the kids to slide down the hill, it is heaps of fun.

  9. Anonymous11:21 PM

    It is a bit creepy, as i haven't been on for a week or so and was looking forward to reading what ive missed and come on last night to the surprise that your previous post had gone. What a shock to my system lol. In saying that i hope the past week or so hasn't been to tiring and upsetting as you are only human and cant please everyone. You are just as important to the people who know you and whom surround you with there presence is all you need those who aren't judging based on your openness and forwardness. Your far from perfect and you are the most open, direct and forward person that says what's on her mind with out filtering but that is why i come back so often. Your blog puts perspective into my narrow minded way of thinking. Thank you for blogging and allowing us into your private life. :)

  10. 1. Finally did my binge reading.
    2. 2nd pic of Dante is really cute.
    3. There's a faster way to revert your posts to draft. First set to see 100 posts per page, click the top button for select all and revert to draft. Is that what you did?
    4. $1500 for progressive specs is really expensive. In Singapore most of us need glasses so it's very competitive.
    5. I've never had Movenpick ice cream either.
    6. I lost a grand total of 1kg after I stopped eating meat for a few months. Still eat fish and seafood but want to cut out all seafood except fish eventually. I do pilates once a week and I run 6km once a week. I also do stairs when hubs nagged me enough. All that and 1kg. I imagine how much harder it is for you.

  11. Anonymous3:07 PM

    Movenpick is loooovely...but I just discovered Wild Willy's, out here in
    Quebec. I get a ridiculous kick out of sending my mother a picture, captioned "I LOVE licking a Wild Willy".
    Mrs F

  12. It's just so beautiful there!

  13. I love the pink heart fabric with the black and white background you know the name of it please?



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