Tuesday, August 05, 2014


Years ago when I was a kid/teenager we went 'to town'.  That meant to the one and only shopping centre in our home town.

Now days, I never say 'off to town' because here in Auckland there's dozens of shopping centres and malls.  I love it!

But it did make me nostalgic just for a moment when I typed in 'Off to town'.

Nice memories?  Nah.  I was born in a little logging town called Tokoroa.  It's in the heart of the North Island of New Zealand.

When I was a kid it was a rough, booming town full of hard working loggers.  My Dad was a logger, he became the single biggest independent logging contractor in Tokoroa for many, many years.

It's still upsetting to know that just after he retired, after working in that hard industry for 47 years, he died before he could really enjoy NOT working.

I think that happens to lots of people, and it is sad.

Anyway,  getting back to the 'town' issue....  Tokoroa had the most shitty shopping centre and I don't miss it one iota!

Today I'm going down to Manukau.  I've got a little list of things to do/look at.
I am going to enjoy myself being out and about for a while.  My back is much better this morning too... so I didn't damage it as much as last time thank god.

First up on my list... latest blood test.  *sigh*
I hope the wait isn't too long.


SHIT DAY.  Didn't get my blood test done, there were just too many people waiting and I didn't want to spend an hour or more sitting in a crowded waiting room.
Didn't get my pattern enlarged either as the girl didn't know how to enlarge it by 200%!

I got some test paint to have a go at ripping off the melamine coating on the kitchen cupboards and just painting them.  The melamine is cracking and has bubbles under it in places.  Shit job.

Talking of job.  Stew had one lined up with another company, but it fell through at the 11th hour.  They couldn't afford him.  SHIT BUGGER DAMN AND BLAST.   I so wanted him to change to a company that would appreciate him.

*sigh*   So now he will finally get his CV out there and find something else.  We have time luckily to do that, as he is still employed.

I feel massively deflated, Stew must be feeling it too.  Just ...  blah.

ABOVE:  When grumpy, make a pie.  So I did.
Apple/Rhubarb/Blackberry and Boysenberry pie.  We had it after dinner, which was steak, wedges and veges.
Everyone was stuffed after that!

End of Day:  going to bed soon, early for ME I must say!
But... just so tired.  Too many really late nights.
nite nite


  1. To town was always a highlight, our retailers closed on a Thursday arvo so that they could open on Saturdays from 9-12. When sat trading first came in. At least Taupo is still compact.

  2. Anonymous9:41 AM

    Have a great day chick. This time 7 yrs ago we had the bloggers reunion wow that was a great weekend. Xxx

  3. Ours was (and for me still is) up the street. Dad was always just going "up the street" to pick up bread or run errands! so now we all go "up the street"

  4. Aww, man that stinks that your dad died so soon after retiring.

  5. Anonymous11:03 AM

    We used to say "go over town" lol...funny how we all have our regional quirks ...

  6. Awwww that sucks about the job. I am lucky enough to GO to med lab right on 8 am and am normally client 12-15 even that early however if I go later yeah big big wait time we only have one lab!

  7. Anonymous5:38 PM

    Bugger bugger bugger

  8. So sorry about the job. Terrible news and so frustrating for you all, especiallly Stew. Love and hugs from us both. Penny

  9. Feeling for you both. It's d day for my husband tomorrow don't really looking forward to the news cause I'm not expecting it too b good

  10. So sorry I have not checked in for a while. I have been reading when I could and I have missed you and your family updates. I'm so sorry about Stew and the job. I am sending good vibes that something even better is on his way very soon:-) Hugs to your Chris:-) xx

  11. Bugga about the job falling through, frustrating for you both :-(
    But here's to getting Stew's cv out there, I am sure there is something better out there somewhere for him :-)

  12. Bugger bugger bugger. Was there much in it or were they way out?

  13. Sorry about the job for Stew…. bugger. I hope something great turns up for him soon. I got a new grandson today… pretty happy here :)

  14. I know you had high hopes for the job with the new company for Stew. Fingers crossed that he finds just the right thing soon.

  15. On my grandfathers farm, going to town meant taking the truck, and loading up on supplies to last a while. It was a big deal.

  16. We always say "going to town" since we are 12 miles from one lol.

    Sorry to hear about Stew's job. That sucks :( The pie looks fantastic though ;)


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