Sunday, August 10, 2014


Today Steve and Bex are moving all their property that's been stored in Lacy's house to a 'proper' storage facility in Botany.

That way when Lacy moves to Tauranga all their stuff will already be out of her house.

So it will be all hands on deck to get it done quickly and easily.

As Bex's brother is staying with us for about a week, he's been roped in to help too.

Can't have him getting too bored eh!

I got a few lovely photos last night, so will share so their Mum down in Invercargill can see them all together:

ABOVE:  Bex, Chris and Matt going over family photos together.  Bex received them from her Mum recently.

 ABOVE:  Dante thought he was getting lucky, but his Uncle Matt was just teasing the poor kid!

 ABOVE:  Clearly it didn't faze Dante too much cos he took a shine to his Uncle Matt and sat on his lap and read to him, and 'shared' his books with him.

ABOVE:  Matt will get tired of reading to Dante way faster than Dante will!
I think Dante tooks a lot like Matt.  He has his Daddy's chin and blue eyes though!  

Now I mentioned yesterday a gadget I got... here it is:

ABOVE:  A nifty little kitchen whizz and beater.  My 'old' beater is 28 years old, time for a new one!
This will be really handy for those small kitchen jobs that don't require me getting out my BIG Kenwood Food Processor.

Right, time to go ...


Very slow start around here this morning!
It's 10 am and I think Steve, Bex, Matt and Stew are almost ready to get a move on and leave.

Kelly has been up at Lacy's helping her pack since last Wednesday.   From what I can gather, Lacy went to Tauranga with a load of her stuff on Friday and hasn't come back yet.
Kelly is going mental as Gordon (her partner) is in hospital with a suspected appendix or hernia, so .... long story short, we will be having Keera today so Kelly can get home to Gordon.

Now I can't go with the others to help move stuff and sort out MY stuff in Lacy's house too.
I'm staying here with the kids, Dante, and now Keera too.

Oh well... I suppose it just means I will have to go and get all OUR stuff during the week.

Hopefully some lessons have been learnt this weekend.

NEVER presume you won't get shat on.
NEVER expect someone to treat you right.
NEVER offer help if you don't want to get used and abused.

These are lessons WE have ALREADY learnt.  
Kelly, now it's your turn.


NO WORD, TEXT OR SIGN OF LACY... getting worried now.  
Lacy if you are reading this ... GET IN TOUCH.  We are angry with you YES.  But not contacting us to let us know you are OK is not funny.

NOT MISSING... Just not keeping in touch it would appear.

TRACY:  thanks for the kind offers.  I know they have a stick blender as that's what I've been using!  They don't have an electric frying pan if that's what's on offer!  I don't really know what else they don't have.  Perhaps I can put a list up and ask for donations!  lol

Scrap that actually.

There is one born every minute.

I'm not going to be one ever again.

Stabbed in the back.
Taken for granted.
Never hear from one.

Some who are OK most of the time.

WHY did I want kids?  Really feeling let down by so many right now.

Don't want to blog any more.  Why should they know what is going on in MY LIFE when they don't give a shit about me or their Dad.

Right now I'm left holding yet another kid, with no idea when the mother will be back.


THIS WILL BE MY LAST POST.... until I feel like blogging again.

Same with my 'Family' Facebook account.  It is no more.  Done with  Facebook.  Hate seeing shit on there like this:

nite nite


  1. Anonymous8:34 AM

    Corr!! Those bruvers of Bex are real hot man. Real hot. Would mind a piece of their meat on me anytime soon.
    Julie Sugden, Barnsley, UK

  2. I have a Kenwood thingy much the same as that - best thing in my entire kitchen, I use it all the time!!!! So easy to get out which makes it even more handy!!

  3. Lovely photos of Dante and Matt, yes all the blokes in you family and now extended family are lookers, Shifting packing oh joy!! Here's hoping your daughter arrives home SOON.

  4. I have a stick blender & a brand new frypan if Bex & Steve want them. What else do they need?

  5. Don't know what I can say that would help. Except I hear your pain. Big hugs

  6. Anonymous9:23 PM

    I hope things get sorted out for you and your family soon Chris. Being a mum is the hardest job in the world and it must hurt like crazy to feel undervalued and unappreciated. It is amazing how forgiving we can be as mums though and what we can get through . Best of luck. Susan

  7. I hear your pain. Luv and hugs xx

  8. Hugs to you Chris. hope it all sorts out.

  9. Oh no!!! Im so sorry you're going through yet more crap!

  10. Anonymous2:00 PM

    Haven't been here in a while. I'm sorry to hear that it is even more stressful for you right now. I hope that heartfelt apologies are soon given, where owed. I saw Dante is reading Hairy McLairy - those books are the all time favorites in this house. Even I love reading them aloud!
    All the best, Mrs F


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