Monday, August 25, 2014


Because the weather is being so delightful right now, Bex wants to go walkies in the Botanic Gardens this morning.  So... that's what we are going to be doing once the kids have left for school.

One of the ladies I met at the Friday Patchwork Class walks in the Botanic Gardens most mornings too, and said she is sure she's seen me there.  Maybe we will run into her today?

She has a Border Collie that she walks with her husband. 

After that I shall do a few household jobs, have a quick lunch and then head off to do my stint at the Hospice Shop.
I hope it's as busy as it was last week so I'm not bored shitless.

I'm taking my camera with me to the Gardens, I'm told the daffodils are out in masses and are gorgeous.  We will see...


In case you didn't see it yesterday, I did a photo Tutorial of how to make a club sandwich in a Tupperware Jelly Ring.  So, if you have ever wondered about how to do it... the tutorial is below on Sunday's post .

WELL... going for a walk has been scrapped.  Bex has a sore ankle and I feel like death warmed up.
Stew SNORED like a bloody freight train all night, so I got hardly any sleep.
If he does that again tonight I'm sleeping in the spare bedroom!

So, it's going to be a quiet morning here... 

I know I'm boring today!  It's gotten cold so I'm  doing diddly squat.  I hope everyone else is having a more productive day?  

I kinda went mad at the Hospice Shop today:

ABOVE:  How cool is all that!  The Tupperware containers, orange candle sticks and bright plate are for Bex and Dante, the rest is mine!
I love the three little dogs and the metal sea horse candle holder.  Two little wooden frames are for Christmas 'Doodles' for family.

I've gotten home quite late so it's an easy dinner tonight,  Beef spare ribs with chips.

End of Day: well another good day here in the H household.
Looking forward to a better sleep tonight, cos if Stewy is a'snoring, I'm in the spare bed!
nite nite


  1. Nothing wrong with a day doing diddly squat. Enjoy a quiet day and maybe take a nap.
    The club sandwich looked yummy and your tutorial was very good.

  2. Anonymous11:27 AM

    My husband snored alot a couple of years ago, he went to a sleep clinic to be assessed and now has a mouth guard to sleep with and doesn't snore, as sleep apnea can cause many health issues such as high blood pressure is very important to be assessed some people need a cpap machine to maintain their airway through the night as well as their partner getting enough sleep!


  3. Chris, I feel your pain about the snoring. Assessment as Peta suggests can be a good idea.

    On another subject, can I consult you on a handicraft/quilting/patchwork question? You are the expert, you know what you're doing and I can't even work out how to thread a needle, let alone make something. I will email you separately, I have your email address somewhere. Thanks.

  4. Another stunning day here too, after the chaos of your house in last few months a diddly squat day is a catch up day for your body no harm in that.

  5. Anonymous6:38 PM

    look up zentangle - it is like your doodling

  6. Love all the treasures :-)

  7. The Botanic park sounds like a nice way to spend a nice day!

  8. I love finding good Tupperware at the thrift store. SCORE!


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