Thursday, August 14, 2014


Should be a good day.  
Bex, Matt, Dante and I are off to Onehunga today.
Matt wants to go to Dressmart, and I want to go to the Sewing Machine shop, they sell fabrics and fat quarters and little scraps that are ever so handy for applique.

Should be fun.   

I took a video of Dante's reaction to the view on top of Mount Victoria yesterday, as it was blowing a lot, there is quite a bit of noise from the wind:

ABOVE:  as you can see, Dante was having a blast!   I think he was really enjoying the enormity of the view, everything he could see and THE WIND! 
Cos it was very windy and he seemed to love it.

He's such a little love.

Anti-depressants.  I'm weaning myself off them.  Have been for about two weeks now.  I'm doing it 'the right way'.
I usually take two pills before bed, for the past two weeks I've only been taking one and I've felt OK.
No massive tummy aches, no feeling dizzy... NOTHING.  So in another week I will cut that one pill in half and see how I go.

I'm convinced my weight challenges are not helped by taking anti-depressants.  Anyone else know if this is the case?
I'm on Amitriptyline... but not for much longer!

I am really hoping getting off it will help with the weight... cos I'm sick to bloody death of my weight.  It goes up, down, up ... and the up's are more than the down's.  
I so want it to stop.


MARIA: don't run for cover!  You are probably right.  And thanks for the link to yet another fabric shop!

Onehunga:  when we got there is was bitterly freezing outside and raining... and I had to walk 3 blocks with wind and rain pelting me.  Wasn't nice... but I did get 4 lovely fat quarters from Sewing Machine World.  In blues, cos I'm low on blues.

Matt got some really lovely clothes so he's a happy chappy.  Dante got sunglasses.  He looks  adorbs.

I met up with Lynda there too... we had a good yak in fact.  I'm vowing to get myself out there more and try and not be so 'home based'.

Life will be so much better if I actually start living it for myself and Stew.  (and B & G of course).  All the rest of our family have their own lives now and if we see them GOOD, if not... so be it.

As Lynda said, I can't keep stressing over every little detail .... I have to let go.

So I am.

Lynda said "Where's the new fridge photo?" ...

 ABOVE: Well there it is!  It's taller, same width/depth.  ALL fridge though and I love it.

ABOVE:  That grey thing was on the bottom of the fridge, and it's now a great thing to play with for Dante.

ABOVE: These are the 4 fat quarters I got today.  The top right one is from the same 'family' of fabric my Dresden Plate quilt is made of... so I just had to get it.

I've come to the realisation I'm not only an emotional eater, but I'm also an...  emotional shopper.  *sigh*

Well, it's been a quiet afternoon and evening.  I felt pretty ikk all afternoon... stomach churning type of stuff.... but mostly due to me emotions I think.

We all went out to Carl's Jnr for dinner, even Dante ate a burger!  It's expensive, but their food is just so nice.

I am happy to say relations between me and certain daughter are back an even keel.  There is just something about mother/daughter relationships... they can't really be broken forever.
I know that she will be so much happier in Tauranga, and she has promised to bring Keera back here to see her Grandparents fairly often.

That is how I want things to be now.  Grandchildren brought to US for visits, not us visiting them so much any more.

We want to be more 'traditional' grandparents.... having them visit us, coming for visits, then going home again!

End of Day:  feeling like a limp dish rag.  Just all emotioned out.
Is there even such a word?  *smiles*
nite nite


  1. Some antidepressants have a side effect of weight loss. My niece and sister have both lost weight on theirs (not sure what they are on) but I suspect it is only a marginal difference and would settle down over time. Great to get off them though if you feel able to :)

  2. Anonymous10:08 AM

    Such beautiful views from the top. Your grandson Dante is just a cutie pie! They grow up so fast. Wish we had cooler weather here in Florida. It is so HOT AND HUMID!!! Marianne in Orlando, Florida

  3. That was so cute, wish I was shopping at dresssmart! Have you Dr googled the pills, or asked your own doctor? When is your next check up due..

  4. Hoping not to be yelled at.......but I have noticed every time you have a meltdown, you then say that you have stopped taking or cut back your antidepressants. Running for cover now

  5. Have you gone to fabric & co wairau park? they have nice patchwork fabric for only $12m
    here's their website fro address etc

  6. Anonymous12:36 PM

    Hi Chris,

    I too was on the same drug (for pain after a horrible kidney / bladder infection) for over a year, in that time my weight went from having been stable for several years at 64 kgs to being near 80 kgs... the carbohydrate cravings were out of control, all day, every day, all I wanted to eat was sugar.. whats worse is that I tried going back to weight watchers, exercising doing everything I had done in the past to lose weight / maintain weight and none of it worked and my weight was creeping up.. throughout this time I kept a weekly record of weight and you could see the gains were steady and consistent.. I went off the medicine about 8 months ago and since then I have dropped 5 kilos without a terrible amount of effort and the sugar cravings are under control again. Weight gain IS a side effect of this medicine., google it and you will see heaps of others have the same experience, I talked to the doctors about it and they were just like it is what it is.. as I was overweight not obese they were not too concerned. Another side effect is urine retention.

  7. Anonymous3:03 PM

    Hi Chris !
    I've found that changing from one of the 'older' antidepressants to an SSRI has helped me, both with the actual issue, and the damn weight. I feel less...sluggish...on the new one too.
    I've also started to sew (first time EVER!) inspired by your thanks for that, mate! Love the new fridge. I've a similar one, but with a double door. It's AWESOME with so many kids in then house.
    Mrs F

  8. Interesting - I should check on the meds I'm on! OMG Dante is just so cute!

  9. Anonymous10:39 PM

    When dad died I didn't want to take antidepressant tabs because of the weight issue totally agree it's a side affect

  10. I'm an emotional shopper too... have several bags thrown in my wardrobe which I've not looked in since I bought them... bad... :-)

  11. I took anti depressants for six months once, you're weaning off them the correct way. I've heard that if someone tried to give up coffee, (not that anyone ever would!) they should do it the same way.
    My friend, Koro, just left Cayman and is now living in New Zealand. He's from there.

  12. But where do you keep the ice? For beverages, you know?


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