Sunday, August 03, 2014


It's Sunday morning, and I'm HOPEFULLY still in bed!

This is a 'forward' post... I will update more when I get outta bed.

Groceries today.
Some housework.
Some blog reading too I hope.

Catch ya when I get up...


Morning!   10.30 and I'm finally up.  It's a grotty wet day out there, so we shall be spending the day inside doing diddly squat!

And getting the groceries, so I suppose I better go and get dressed!

ABOVE:  my latest little bootie... with a feather and fan type pattern.  I've made this particular booties dozens of times in the past and always loved it.

CHRISTINE:  Sorry! It's a QUIET day!  I'm on the computer listening to some programme and the rest of the family is just chilling!
It's a really cold day too... so I'm going to sit in front of the heater and snooze!

Tell me what YOU ARE DOING!

I forgot to mention Bex and I were off to a Tupperware party tonight.  Bex was the HOST, so will get some new tupperware at very low cost.
It doesn't matter how much Tupperware I have, I can always find more I want!
Which is silly ... if you could see how much I have!!!  I've got tupperware containers sitting empty in my cupboards... cos they are the 'wrong' size for what I need.

I ordered a really big modular mate rectangular tonight, it's for keeking the weetbix in, so they stay nice and crips.

NOT that I like weetbix!  I think it's hideous... but Brylee likes it.

So, the Tupperware party was a nice small one, but I think Bex made enough sales to get what she wanted at the heavily discounted 'Hostess' price.

End of Day:  a nice, quiet day as I thought it would be.
Time to get to bed, once again very late.  *sigh*
I get caught up most nights watching something on YouTube, that site is so addictive!
That, and 2048+!
nite nite


  1. It's very cute! And it looks like it fits a wide size range of little feet as it strrrretches. :)

  2. What? That was the worlds shortest blog post. Nice booty though!

  3. Enjoy your nice quiet day. I was up at 7 to go to Mangawai and pick my boy up to come back to town for an appointment that was cancelled when we were part way home.

  4. Anonymous6:12 PM

    If you want the mixed coloured baby wool, the Warehouse has huge balls with 50% off, they are now $10, think the sales ends Tuesday. Happy Knitting, Sandra.

  5. A wet horrid day here, spent the arvo at school watching Shakespeare for NCEA credits did snout else! Cleaned a little but nothing else........

  6. First time to the blogs today, had grandee's over for the past 2 nights….the house is quiet now…

    Love the bootee pattern

  7. Looooong snooze!!

    Hope you had a great day

  8. Missed you today. Hope you've had a good day

  9. What am I doing? Busy Busy at the worry stone factory. My husband and I have been trying to fill up all of our empty bins. If I am missing one word - that is magically the one everyone MUST have, I think I might take the Collie for a swim today. It's his first summer and he doesn't really know how to swim yet. I have been trying to go for walks with the dog and the hubby, so that is good. I am out of Diet Coke, so that is BAD!

  10. I don't know what 2048+ is, which is probably a good thing!

  11. I love the bootie, it's adorable.


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