Thursday, August 28, 2014


I'm not going out today.  It's a stay at home day.  I've got a fair bit of washing to get done, some minor household jobs then on to that cute as little Dragon again.

Seriously ... that's all I have for now!

I know.  Strange I don't have anything to blither on about.

Oh I could mention I've heard from Lacy and Keera several times since they moved to Tauranga.  Keera sounds very happy, she chatted away to me heaps yesterday.  She is picking up words all the time now, so delightful to hear.
Lacy seems to be happier too.  So, the move has been a good thing all round.

Is this likely to be a new 'trend' ? :

Scary.  Saw it on a news site recently.  Might as well share it seeing as I've got bugger all to put on here today!

Catch ya later...


3.5 solid hours later, and this is how far Dragon has come:

ABOVE:  All the black outlining is done!  I though it would take much longer than that I must say.
Now I'm onto the clouds, then I can add balloons and baby's name.

I have a feeling this little wall hanging is going to be finished by next week easily.

Some good news... my hot flushes have calmed right down!  Maybe, just maybe, I'm finally getting over them?
God I hope so.  Ten years now!!!

Right, I'm off out to get a much OVERDUE blood test done, so I can stop stressing over it.  Dammit.

They butchered me!   The Technician stabbed me once... NO BLOOD.  She stabbed me again... NO BLOOD.
So I had to see the 'Supervisor', who apologised, then stabbed me and found the vein but had to syringe the blood out cos it wasn't flowing.  That stung like bejezus!

I wasn't very impressed... and me arm is throbbing.  *sigh*

At least I managed to produce some piddle for them... score on that one.  

Thank god I only have to do that once every three months.

PETA:  Yep, I had plenty of fluid today.  About 1.5 litres by lunchtime in fact.

Progress on Dragon... I have stopped for the day as I need something to be working on tomorrow at Patchwork Class.

Coco is limping... fingers crossed she's just pulled a muscle or sustained some soft tissue damage.  No one knows how, these things happen.  If she's no better by tomorrow it's off to the Doctor for her.

COCO:  Is much better already.  She's a whimp, so probably hurt it a bit and then did the 'Drama Queen' thing and played it up!  Such a sookie girl.  I'm very relieved she wasn't injured badly at all.

End of Day:  on a whole a lovely day.  I am looking forward to Patchwork Class again tomorrow, where I hope to get heaps more done on the Dragon Wall Hanging.
nite nite


  1. I hope you have a GREAT day !
    Me xox

  2. That is sooo awesome you clever girl!!!

  3. Anonymous2:22 PM

    Love the dragon!!! Hope the mum & baby are doing better.
    Glad you've heard from Lacy & Keera :-)
    Naughty you putting off your blood test!!! Hope it's all done now :-)

  4. Anonymous3:25 PM

    Chris you are so clever, that dragon looks amazing! Well done and what a lovely thought.
    Cheers Lois

  5. Anonymous4:00 PM

    Did you drink alot of water before the blood mother has a lot of trouble having blood test her veins are narrow and she doesn't drink enough...


  6. I love the dragon I am however not loving the hairy chest lol. Gee how long do hot flushes last? I haven't started yet or though I don't think I have I do think I have some symptoms according to pamphlets and Dr Google.

  7. Anonymous8:09 PM


    I remember you were talking some time ago about you and Stew being in hospital at some time were either of those visits for a hernia repair? Does anyone have experience for a repair of a herniated (stomach going through) the diagphram?





  8. Anonymous8:17 PM




  9. Stew had an umbilical hernia repair around 8 years ago. Email me if you have any questions chick.

  10. When someone needs to stick me with a needle, they look at my arm and say "Nice viens". Then they butcher me because my veins collapse and roll and they can't get blood without stabbing me a hundred times.

  11. I am glad coco has recovered from her brief injury. My new collie puppy injured himself when he was about four months old. Would not put weight on his foot at all. And he freaked out when we poked at the foot to try to figure out the problem. Broken toe! And those xrays are not cheap! It can be so scary when we don't know what is wrong with our fur babies!

  12. Ahhh it's so cute!

    My daughter had that happen before. They kept blowing out her veins. I was so pissed I told them to leave her alone for awhile.

  13. We used to have an old dog who would limp around, and act the sook when people were watching, but run around playing when she though no one could see her! haha!


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