Saturday, August 09, 2014


Today's plans?

Stew, Brylee, Griffin and I are off to Hamilton.

I have tracked down one of the Fisher & Paykel fridges I want to a shop there, and we are going to have a look at it.
If it's what we want, I will get it.

Also, hopefully we will get a chance to catch up with our son Russell, maybe meet him for lunch somewhere?

I shall text him a bit later on in the morning and see.

I had planned on going to the Craft and Quilt Fair which is on in Hamilton right now too.  But I'm not sure if I will yet.  It might just depend on what the family want to do.  I doubt they will want to tag along while I drool over fabric and cottons, beads and bobs!
We will see.  Maybe I shall go on my own and they can do something else for an hour or two.

ABOVE:  My sewing 'room' after my big spring clean yesterday.  It's getting bigger, but I think it's about as big as it needs to be now.  

ABOVE:  If I EVER stop cleaning and tidying up, this is my next project.  Isn't he cute?

ABOVE:  Not as cute as this little monkey though!  He was happy playing in this shelving unit and swigging my diet coke!  Little rag bag.  
Right, I'm off to have a shower and get the family ready to head off to the Waikato.
Bex and Dante are home today while Steve works.


We are so lucky!  It's a gorgeous, mid-winter sunny day.  No wind to speak of either, so it's going to be nice in Hamilton.  Yaaaa.  There is nothing worse than spending a day out ... in the rain and cold.

Fingers crossed the fridge is the right one for us.

I think someone asked why do we need a bigger fridge if the family is going to be 'halved' in the next few months?
We ALWAYS run out of frigde room, no matter who is living here.  And at Christmas and New Year and other special occasions it's even worse.

So ... we do need a full fridge people.

Run down of our day:

Left Auckland after filling up at our local petrol station... very surprised and delighted to see the price had gone down to only $2.00.9 a litre, making it the cheapest it has been in about 6 years!

I decided to check out the prices elsewhere, to see how our 'local' station compared to others.

 ABOVE:  Amazingly, our local station is the cheapest!  The further south we went, the more expensive petrol got!
Huntly was the most expensive at $2.21.9 a litre!
So glad we have such a good petrol station just up the road, their prices are always the best around.  AND they give amazing service, they even have forecourt attendants who fill your tank for you.  Now that is almost unheard of anywhere else now days.

 ABOVE: We picked up Russell from Hamilton Lake.  He'd been for a walk around it for exercise.  We then went to Te Rapa, The Base and had a lovely lunch and catch up.  Bough Griffin clothes for his camp on Monday, and got Russell some more jeans too.

We decided not to do the Craft fair, as I don't need anything right now.

We headed home after taking Russell back to his car, parked by the lake. We took a slight detour on our way home and had an ice cream for afternoon tea at Mission Bay, Movenpik.  They have the best ice cream ever.

ABOVE:  We arrived home to visitors.  Two of Bex's brothers and Chris's girlfriend too. Chris and Trinity live in the Waikato.

Her brother Matt lives in Invercargill, which is right at the bottom of the South Island.  He's up for a while, staying here for a few days, which will be very handy when my new fridge arrives!

Steve and him can move the old one down to the garage until Steve and Bex move out.

Clearly, I did buy the fridge.  And another little gadget too.  Will show you tomorrow, I need a photo to start the day eh!   *smiles*

End of Day: a pleasant evening, it was nice listening to Bex and her brothers catching up and having a laugh here.
nite nite


  1. Ours is the other way around, I had to buy a new freezer…just didn't have enough freezer space.
    Love the lil frog…
    Enjoy your day :-)

  2. You could browse in your own SEWING area lol!! We had sunny windy bitter cold day love Saturday rest day for me anyhoo leg and knee coming right.

  3. But where will you keep the ice for the Diet Coke?

  4. Holy heck... that is cheap petrol. The cheapest around here that I've found is about $2.14 a litre. That station near you is crazy cheap!!!

  5. Hooly dooly petrol is expensive over there!!! $1.60 per ltr here !!! I think that's bad enough!!

  6. That frog is going to be so cute! When we got married in NZ in 2008 I think petrol was around $1.85 and up to $2.00 back then! wow!


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