Saturday, August 30, 2014


What a bugger.
It's supposed to rain for most of the weekend.
Typical says Stew.

He's stuck inside working all week, and it's been a nice sunny week.  Now he's got the weekend off, and it's gunna rain.

Oh well.  Nothing we can do about it.
I tried to console him with sport on the TV.  That's his favourite relaxing thing to do.

Here's hoping there's a few good rugby games on for him to watch.

I, of course, don't give a shit what the weather is doing!
I want to finish the Dragon Wall Hanging for M-A and her baby boy.

It's grocery shopping weekend too.  Oh ya. Trying to put a positive on it, at least we get to visit Sylvia Park!  I wonder if there's any new Britto in the shop?
I've not got a new piece in a few weeks now!

ABOVE:  Bex tapes paper down on the high chair's tray and Dante gets to draw.  He loves it too.  He's still not quite worked out which hand to use... so he uses both.  *smiles*

He loved it when we drew some cars and dogs for him, and his name.  He is a very clever kid and can point out things after being told what they are just once or twice.
Takes after his Grandma I'm sure!

Right, I better go and see what's the haps around here.  Can't waste the day eh?


So far... no rain.  Plenty of wind though, and it's cold.
I've done a wee bit more sewing, and now we are heading out to find me a little iron to use at class.
Where I'm sitting in class I have to squeeze past 2-3 ladies to get to the ironing boards, so I'm making myself a little flat ironing board and taking me own little iron.

No more pissing anyone off trying to get past others.

We might have lunch out too... catch ya!

Ya... we found a cute wee pink travel iron and a small table top ironing board too.  Now we are off to Masala at Mission Bay for lunch.

MASALA Mission Bay.  Sucked.  Food was so-so, service was CRAP.  Stew asked for another serving of rice as the rice given was minimal.  By the time the kids and I had finished, Stew was still waiting for his extra rice... so after waiting 15-20 minutes he gave up and we left.  He (as I expected) told the waiter what he thought of the 'service' and said he doubted we would be back.

It used to be so so good there, but it's under new management by the look of it.  Sad.

Movenpick... nice as per usual, but I couldn't eat all of mine cos of the lunch beforehand.

Never mind.  It was a successful outing.

ABOVE: How cute it that?  It's a steam iron and man does it have a huge burst of steam!  I won't be using it to steam much as I need it for applique work more than anything else.
It's going to be handy in me sewing room too I think, it's gunna take up so much LESS room than the big ironing board.  I'm rapt with it.

End of Day:  well while the family watched a Die Hard movie, I worked on the Dragon Wall Hanging, and I'm happy to say it's almost finished.
Time for bed here...
nite nite


  1. I like that idea of paper in a highchair why didn't I ever think of that when son was small. I have that small ironing board I have always had a small ironing board I prefer it over a large board myself. I don't ever have much ironing though.

  2. Anonymous4:28 PM

    Oh i want a little iron now lol. X mas is coming i supose lol hint hint :) bexs

  3. my guess is that the other ladies near you will be borrowing your "wee" iron!

  4. We had lousy weather too. Rain and humid so much for getting out and enjoying our last long weekend of summer.


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