Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Today I'm heading out to Manukau to see what I think of the Wednesday Patchwork Class.  If it's as nice as the Friday one, I'm going to join it too!

I am taking the Dragon Wall Hanging with me to work on.  I got a fair bit done yesterday afternoon ... now I have to iron all the individual pieces onto the backing fabric, then do all the top stitching, quilting etc.

What fun.  I love having a special project on the go.

CHRIS D:  if you are reading this... I just want you to know YOU and I can do it again... I have always said that!  Onward and downward Chick.

Weight Loss Support Group girls... sorry for being 'absent' so much.  Lots of stuff been distracting me from the main issue in my life.  Losing weight.
I think I am about to turn a corner and really get serious.   

Stew is doing well... he does some serious exercise in the garage every morning, and I think that's what I need to do more of too.

That Cross Trainer is calling my name I think.
Oh ... and the Treadmill and Exercycle. 
I was saying to Stew last night I want to bring the Exercycle up into the lounge, so I can use it while watching programmes I have taped on the telly, instead of just sitting there.

Sounds like a good idea eh?  I DON'T CARE that it's in the lounge, it's not like we do heaps of entertaining after all!

Right, I'm gunna bugger off and get me stuff sorted out, ready to head off to that Patchwork Class at 9.45 ...


AWESOME.  I lost 3 kilos this last week!  No idea how.  What a way to start the day.

HI!  Back from class.  Only two ladies in that class, so no trouble with no room on the tables!
I enjoyed myself immensely.  As I was leaving two ladies came into the shop and saw my little dragon and went all ga-ga over him.  They loved him and he's not even half finished!

I must admit he is going to be gorgeous!

ABOVE:  My pozzie today was right on the end, nearest to the irons.  The lady in red is away in a week to Australia for a month, lucky Tart.

I'm not off to make a sandwich for me lunch and watch a couple more Home and Away episodes, before heading down to do some sewing on me Dragon.

ABOVE:  Step one finished.  Now to applique stitch around it all, then add a few balloons and the baby's name.  That is the part that takes FOREVER.

End of Day:  well as per usual, a quiet evening around here.  I didn't do any sewing as planned. There were a couple of programmes on the telly I wanted to watch, so I did.
nite nite


  1. Have a neat day at class, that,s a good idea with the exercycle great result with weight claim it why not...

  2. That is good to hear you had so much fun with your new group. You need to make time for yourself too, well done :) I can't wait to see your dragon too. xx debbie

  3. Lorraine H4:56 PM

    That Dragon is adorable.I so love the colours you have chosen for it.

    Southgirl xx

  4. That is ridiculously clever!!! It's a lovely idea to do this :)

  5. 😊luv the lil dragon and awesome loss chris go on get ...on ya bike 😊

  6. Great dragon, glad to hear you are enjoying the class.

  7. The people in your class have funny hexagon faces.....

  8. awww it's super cute!


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