Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Today I have NOTHING planned.
I might just sleep in even.

Then maybe a quick catch up with some of my blogger friends, check out what's been happening around the globe?

Maybe that frog will FINALLY get made too... ya never know.

ABOVE:  Look Denise!  Matt CAN cook.  He made a mean as Lemon Chicken for us last night... well, Bex had a hand in it too of course.

He's been a real pleasure to have come visit us... I will be kinda sad to see him go on Wednesday.  He sure can come again!

Dante has taken a shine to him too.  Lovely to see that.

Right, I'm off to either jump back into bed for a sleep in... or get up and do something constructive.


Hee hee... Matt looked EVER SO ENTHUSIASTIC as he left with Bex and Dante for Playcentre just now! 

I'm VERY EXCITED about tomorrow!  I'm not going to the Patchwork Class afterall... something else came up.

It has NEVER happened before !   Can you even begin to guess what???  *smiles*  

"A quiet day planned?"   HA what a joke!
I kinda decided to move 'a few' things around while Bex, Matt and Dante were out.

This is what I did:

ABOVE:  my lounge now, without the computer desk and 'office' wall units.  So much more room!

 ABOVE:  Dining/Family room now.  See Matt?  He was shooting me and Bex with one of Griffin's Nerf guns.  

ABOVE:  Re-loading.  *sigh*   Quite funny having a young 20 year old guy in the house.

Well I'm thrilled to bits with my hard work today, I keep looking at all the space in me lounge and wanting to clap me hands like a two year old... oh hold on... I did do that!

I made lovely corn 'n' bacon fritters for dinner, they were really nice for a change.
A quiet evening here, most of us were tired from one thing or another.

We have wild and windy weather hitting us right now, I can hear the wind is getting very strong. Expecting lots of rain too.  Nice.

End of Day:  well I don't think I did a SINGLE thing I'd planned on doing today!  Can't say tomorrow is going to be any different either.
nite nite


  1. Lemon chicken sounds yum. You're going swimming? Running? Day spa, Bungy jump? The mind boggles. Did Griffin enjoy the camp?

  2. Yes he loved it Sharon. None of your guesses are correct. Hee hee...

  3. The lounge looks great! What on earth do you have up your sleeve for tomorrow? I can not even imagine!

  4. Lorraine H2:23 PM

    Are you going to Playcentre with Sante as Bex has something else planned.

    Southgirl x

  5. Lorraine H2:25 PM

    Ooppps Sorry Dante.This old Great Nana can't spell today.lol

    Southgirl x

  6. Anonymous3:34 PM


    Lounge looks good, you are a person who likes to be busy and are very creative so instead of doing volunteer work, how about a part time job in a shop where you can use those skills? and get paid!



  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Gawd too many spelling mistakes your new JOB house mover a rounder. Your surprise tomorrow hmmmm nudey art class!!

  9. I can't guess….

    Love the rearranging…the room looks heaps bigger :-)

  10. Anonymous12:39 AM

    Stop being a slacker and come and update us on the situation on FB please ! Cranky

  11. Looks like a productive day!

  12. When I read the title, I kinda thought it wouldn't be a quiet day... I was right!


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