Monday, August 04, 2014


This week SHOULD bring a resolution to something that has been 'hovering' for a couple of weeks.
I'm really anxious and hoping like hell things go our way for a change.
I will elaborate when I can!

'Secret Squirrel' type stuff for now... but I wanted you to know that there is a fair bit of 'emotional' eating and nail biting going on!

Today I am going to do the freakin' housework then after lunch I'm off to the Hospice shop for my shift there.

Gawd I hope it's not too cold today, because it gets so, so cold in there!

I can't belive I'm about to say this, but I'm sick of chocolate!  We have been eating far too much in the past few days.  So... I'm not having any more!
DONE ... I can't stay on this silly path or I will only make myself sick.  And Stew.  He's the same.  He has been biting his nails relentlessly... I haven't seen him on tenderhooks this bad in forever!  God I hope we get some answers soon.

I don't think I have anything else to yak about for now... so...


Whoops... been busy!
I decided to do some re-arranging down in the garage, not much, just a small change.   Moved the treadmill and dammit!!!  Wrenched me back AGAIN, so had to stop.

While I was doing that, Bex was upstairs vacuming and cleaning... so that was nice, way less for me to do.

I have also done heaps of washing today, and it's a good day to hang it outside and possibly get it dry.

Because my back was killing me, I have not gone to the Hospice Shop today, I would have felt miserable there, sore and freezing.  I feel a bit guilty for not going, but I don't want to end the day feeling worse than I do right now.

So... no treasure hunting today.  That's good for my wallet!

It's nice just relaxing now after lunch, and knitting that 2nd pretty bootie.

End of Day:  Can  you believe it's been the quietest day in FOREVER around here?
Well it has.  No photos even!
I will try to be more interesting tomorrow.
nite nite


  1. Good luck and step away from the chocolate! !!

  2. I hope it's good news. XX And good on ya keeping away from the chocolate.

  3. Gawd don't ya just hate that doing something industrious then bang hurts ya self! Miserable day here again and cold too. Maybe a hot drink drugs/pain relief nd other less strenuous jobs.

  4. Nothing worse than back pain! Sitting here with a hot pack on myself! Hope it's better soon :-)

  5. I love secrets! Tell me! I won't tell anyone else!

  6. I so hope you get the news you want.


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