Monday, September 01, 2014


I'm very happy to say the Dragon Wall Hanging will be off to it's new home tomorrow.  I hope the Mum and Dad like it... I'm fairly confident they will.

ABOVE:  Started on Tuesday last week, finished last night.  I'm thrilled to bits with him.

I can't believe it's already September!  4 months left of this year.
Where the hell have the past 8 months gone?
I think as we get older the years pass by faster.

I'm not looking forward to this Christmas at all.  I've done NOTHING towards it at all, and I don't really feel like doing anything either.

Gone are the days when we used to look forward to happy family gatherings.   It will never happen now. 

Stew said to me just the other day that we would never have those happy family gatherings again, and how sad it made him (and me).

But... you can't just will things to happen, because it's not up to us. Stew and I will just have to move on.  Move on and make the best of things for ourselves, and for now, Brylee and Griffin and the few who want to be around us.

Plans for today?  Morning... housework.
Planning my next sewing project.

Afternoon... Hospice shop duty.


9.30 and I'm still in me pj's.  Don't feel motivated to do a bloody thing this morning.  It's wet and cold.  Echo's my mood.

I usually love Mondays.  Kids at school, men at work.  Time to get the house nice and tidy.  Pfffft.  

Well....I left Hospice early due to my back ache.  I stopped in at the boss's home and gave the wall hanging to her daughter.  She LOVED it. I got to cuddle her utterly gorgeous baby boy for a while too. 

If only babies stayed thst small and gorgeous eh.

I'm home now and just taking it easy to give my back a rest.

I fell asleep.  My back is now feeling much better... I really just needed to rest it.

ABOVE:  I did manage to buy something in the time I was at Hospice Shop.  A Brass fireside wood box.  I like it.  I didn't NEED it... but well... I couldn't resist.
I have no idea right now what I will do with it.

Bex cooked dinner tonight, sausages and veges.  
I'm now going to do a bit of sewing and ponder my next project.

Pondering done.  Just have to think some more.
I'm thinking of making another Dresden Plate quilt.

End of Day:  Quiet evening here.  
nite nite


  1. Anonymous8:09 AM

    Chris you make me very sad, talking like that. It is NOT your fault. I hope Stew realises that people make choices in their lives and others feel the consequences of their choice. I wish you all well. You are great parents and have done nothing wrong. No parent has to feel like this. I am sorry for your pain.
    Cheryl Barker, Leeds

  2. I love the wall hanging and I know the parents will too! It is adorable,you did a great job!

  3. Just believe that future family gatherings will be better because those there will want to be there and will be happy to share time with you.
    Love the wall hanging, you are so clever.

  4. Gorgeous dragon! Love the lettering you use.
    Better to have the people around you who are happy to be there, than to be walking on eggshells to avoid arguments x

  5. Ahhh very nice love the wall hanging. Growth that is what has happened, when you don't let people walk over you and manipulate situations you grow, family should come because they want to not because they have to if they come they come. And if forced to everyone feels tense and makes for eggshells yeah nah that's not great at Xmas.

    1. Anonymous2:47 PM

      I really do wish you would stop making out that the 'kids' walk all over and manipulate there mother.
      Its time to move on.

  6. I didn't mean you force them either, it could be it's or them scenario hey fish n chips picnic at the beach ice cream! That would be my ideal Xmas day or BBQ at the beach lounging reading swimming and sleeping.

  7. A small Christmas gathering is much easier to do rather than a big one. Enjoy a relaxing preparation.

  8. Anonymous2:28 PM

    The wall hanging is so lovely! As Margie said, you are very clever.
    Stinking hot here, and humid, well over 100 degrees, so I am looking forward to winter and lots of snow.
    Christmas is so hard, when there are family tensions. This year, NO VISITORS for prolonged period, and above, no inlaws. It's going to be AWESOME! Just me, the children, their dad, and a few family friends. No stress, no dressing up, and (did I say it already?) no-one who doesn't choose to be with us!
    And no bloody Brussels sprouts. Loathsome things!
    Mrs F

  9. It's really beautiful!! And Christmas... well... it's only September. You might want to make a list of who you're giving gifts to this year and that will make it easier to sort out.

  10. I lazed on Sunday too.

  11. The dragon is amazing!! I am sure it will be very loved! Christmas is a hard time, we have family who don't make things easy so last year we packed up and went to the beach...we extended an invitation to everyone to come for a BBQ, no one turned up so we had a quiet relaxing day! I am not in Christmas mode either, you are right it has come too soon!!

  12. Anonymous2:32 PM

    sounds like this year might be a good opportunity to take yourselves & B & G away somewhere nice &/or fun for Christmas as you don't have to accommodate lots of other people!!! DO IT!!!!!

  13. Love the dragon quilt.

  14. The quilt came out fantastic! We have one tha someone made Jessica and it's such a treasure. To know someone took the time to make something special for you is amazing.

    Yeah Christmas will be weird here this year too. I don't think Jessica is going to come home. Makes me cry just thinking about it.


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