Sunday, August 17, 2014


I will try to keep the 'words' to a minimum, or even none:

ABOVE & BELOW:  Seeing how long they could hold their hand in below freezing water.  Steve and Brylee did really well!

ABOVE:  taken in the cafe, when we got there the tide was in, and then when we left it was going out.  Viewing window out to the harbour.

 ABOVE:  Walking across this 'bridge' while the outside walls spun around.  It was very disconcerting... it felt like the bridge was tipping!

 ABOVE:  Bored penguins.  Fat buggers too.

 ABOVE X'S 3:  the guys in the shark cage.  The sharks had zero interest in them.

ABOVE: I ran into some of me family.... these be me cousins...

ABOVE:  First cousin, once removed.

ABOVE: Outside again, nice view of the city.  

We had a lovely time.


I do believe we are going to the zoo!


Slight change of plans.  Stew, B & G and I are staying home today.  The others are still going to the zoo.
I have heaps of housework to do, lots of tidying up to be done.  The house is a tip!

Plus we have to do the grocery shopping too.
I ain't doing it on me own during the week that's for sure!

Lunchtime... we have all spent the last couple of hours doing housework... which is great ... less for me to do tomorrow.

Groceries got... and I was ever so careful with what we got, NOTHING we didn't need and our bill was still huge.  Grrrrrr.

The zoo trippers got home and said they had a lovely time.
Steve and Matt moved our big double fridge/freezer down to the garage for me.  It was a super human job, Steve nearly popped a blood vessel in his head I reckon!

Now I just have the new fridge in the kitchen/family room.  Yaaa.  Less clutter.

End of Day:  and we just had a lovely evening watching some shoot 'em up movie on the telly.  Mark Walhberg was the good guy, he is a pretty cool actor.  As for the movie itself?  Just another action movie... they all seem the same after a while.
nite nite


  1. I would be terrified going in that underwater tunnel.

  2. Wow! Looks like everyone had a great time! What a great place and it looks like you learn a lot when your there to. Sorry I haven't been around much as of late. We just got back from a three week holiday and so I'm a bit behind on my blog friends sites!

  3. Great photos that shark mouth huge as! Clear photos too, the cage argggghhhhh nah not me.

  4. The aquarium looks amazing. So do Brylee's pants. VEry cool stuff!

  5. Wow, the aquarium looks brilliant - great pics. Loved the crabby family ones!

  6. Anonymous4:56 PM

    What an amazing looking aquarium. I can't believe the penguins are real - I was looking at the post on my phone and I thought it was a painting!!

  7. That looks like fun!


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