Friday, August 15, 2014


Earlier on in the week we, (Bex, Matt and I),  decided to visit the Sky Tower sometime this week.

When Steve heard this he wanted in on the act too, so he's taken the day off work so he can come too.

I WAS gunna go, but I think I want a quiet day at home to just relax and think about a few things .... like ... I am going to join a new patchwork class/group and just get myself into a few things outside the home. 

I need to get out more, meet more people, try and make some friends here in Auckland.

In the 6 years we have been here I can honestly say I have probably made 5-6 "friends"?
And of them, I've seen Lynda a handful of times, Kate 2-3 times, Lisa twice, Tracy once, and Victoria not at all. Have I missed anyone?

I don't seem to be very good at making friends. 

So I really need to do something about that.  It's not healthy to be so insular, depending on a bloody computer for company.  
It's not REAL is it?

Real is actually enjoying being with others, having a laugh, sharing experiences, sharing one's life beyond a computer screen.

So if I do try, maybe further down the track I can be a happier person?

Oh and YES... cutting back on the anti-depressants has made me 'feel' more, get crabby more, react quicker, get upset and have me stomach churn... and CRY.

I ain't cried much in YEARS ... in the past couple of days I've either cried, or been on the verge of crying all the time.

I am sure once me insides settle down and adjust to having less medication on board I will be fine.

Lots has happened so far this year... and it's about time I reacted to it.  Even if that meant a few tears and tantrums.

That's life.


Awww sorry Donna!
Lynda:  no I didn't know that... but blogger is such a shit I'm not surprised!

I'm off to get some fabric for  me frog, just realised I don't have enough for the body and legs/arms.  *sigh*

Oh dammit, I have to go to Spotlight!  dumm dee doooo...

Hmmmm.... so I'm trying something else re: the comment problems. I've taken off Comment Moderation, lets see if that changes anything? Can someone try and leave a comment who normally has trouble ? LYNDA? TRACY?

Spotlight:  OMG they are so low on nice fabric!  They must be expecting a new shipment in soon cos the patchwork fabrics they do have are mostly old lines and revolting.  I didn't find anything green for me frog, so I ended up going to The Crafty Needle on Jack Conway Ave in Manukau.

I got some fabric there... just a little.... and talked to Ngaire about joining a class or two.  She runs about 3 during the week, 2 during the day and one at night.

I'm going to attend next Wednesday's 10 am class and see what I think of it.  You can just do your own projects while there, which suits me perfectly.

Griffin is due back at school around 3 pm today.  I hope I don't get engrossed in something and forget him... it's been done before! 

FUCK IT ALL....  Brylee has just been suspended for the day at her college, and is right now on her way home.

She 'claims' she is being bullied, but the teachers have been keeping a very close eye on the situation at school surrounding her, and can see very little evidence of bullying.

Today she bitch slapped some boy.  She called a maori girl a racist name and she's been bullshitting to the teachers about the bullying. 

edit:  I didn't mean to ASK for help re: Brylee.  I was just frustrated as this sort of behaviour is a pattern she keeps repeating and I'm sick to death of it.

Need this sort of shit like I need a hole in the head. 

TRACY: For now.. yep she's banned to her room.  We shall talk to her about this once Stew gets home.  She tried to tell me she was home early because there was a problem with about 4 girls and she had NO IDEA what was going on cos "No one is telling the same story"... and so they were all sent home to think about it.  WTF planet is she on?

Griffin arrived home safe and sound.  Cold and tired... well fed though.  He's looking forward to bed... he said everyone talked too much at night.
That would be fairly normal on a school camp I'm sure.

*snort* ... ANON (deleted comment).. "time to go back to Lacy"????   She 
hasn't 'been' with Lacy since she was 6 weeks old.  And I am not putting up with this shit by the way.

Want to see today's fabric purchases?  Here ya go:

 ABOVE: How AMAZING is this fabric?  I'm going to try doing a small Kaleidoscope Stack 'n' Whack quilt with it one day.

ABOVE:  Some really lovely ones in this lot.

 ABOVE:  My camera's flash kinda killed the pale pink background of this fabric... but you can still see how ADORABLE it is.

ABOVE:  More .... and the one on the right might suit the 'Stack 'n' Whack' technique too.

Steve is cooking dinner.  Weird.  It's not even his 'turn'... but I shan't complain!

KAREN:  What do you mean by 6 repeats?  I got all of it... there was only that amount, which is about .75 of a metre.

End of Day: a funny day... some good, some annoying, some just 'OVER IT' TYPE OF FEELING.
Stew has spoken to Brylee, pointing out that IF she keeps lying and making trouble at school she can kiss goodbye to ever being a nurse, as she will never get accepted as she can't be trusted, and is derogatory towards ANYONE because of their race.
So, the punishment is early to bed for a while... as that is about the only thing we can think of that will make a difference to her.
Time to wrap up the day... relax and watch some telly... or maybe go and cut out my frog?
nite nite


  1. Good idea Chris too get out and make new friends. Have you thought of joining the Auckland patchwork club. Lots of like minded woomen. The drug that you've been ion is a real heavy oine and dogies affect your weight. I was ion it when I was slim,? You could ask your dr for oine that's a milder oine. I've been on Citalopram which didn't have side effects and worked well but am now pin another oine because dr said after a few years your body gets used to them. I'll be on them foir the rest off my life . It's a chemical imbalance and won't go away. And I doing care!,

  2. Ohh I hope it all evens out soon. It just sounds so hard right now. And you DO have a lot on your plate also. :)

  3. Anonymous10:12 AM


    I saw you were on an old style antidepressant, they is one called efexor which they use for hot flushes as well, maybe you talk about trying that one in a low dose so you can have two benefits from one? just a could read about it on a menopause site...



  4. Yes you forgot me lol we need to catch up maybe on a Friday if it's fine we could go for a walk somewhere !!. Bugger about the crying but you have been through a shit storm and come out the other side now it's about YOU time. There is a counties manukau quilters guild not sure of details but I'm sure local quilt shop will know details ­čśŐ Hope your having a nice quiet day by yourself

  5. I agree that you should look at changing your medication rather than stopping it. There are many great new ones out there. Going by the way you have highs and lows I think you need to be "evened" out. Maybe at a later date look at stopping it but for now you are not quite there.

    Did you know that every time I go to leave a comment on your blog it "eats" it and goes blank so I have to type it elsewhere then cut and paste? I wonder if anyone else has this problem :)

  6. Yes - I have this same problem Lynda. What I have done is started to copy every comment in blogger, post it, find it gets 'eaten', then go back and paste it and it always takes the second post.
    I agree - you should look at changing your medication rather than stopping it right now - you have so much going on in your life, mood swings are not going to help the situation. Man, I forgot to look at what I'm taking -will try to remember to look tonight.
    I totally hear you about making friends. We have lots of 'couple' friends but I have less than a handful of girl friends and I don't get to see them very often. At least I do get out the house every day because I go to work.
    Take care and have a great weekend !
    Me xox

  7. I have the same comment problem at work so that is why I don't end up commenting half the time.

  8. Anonymous1:18 PM

    Hmmmm.... so I'm trying something else re: the comment problems. I've taken off Comment Moderation, lets see if that changes anything? Can someone try and leave a comment who normally has trouble ? LYNDA? TRACY?
    Chris H

  9. Anonymous1:27 PM

    Testing to see if this works...

  10. Anonymous1:27 PM

    Oh it did... Karen (Wgtn)

  11. Anonymous1:28 PM

    Yay! It seems I can FINALLY comment on your blog again... the first message I did like Lynda suggested and now I seem to be able to just type in the box and leave messages... yay!!

    Karen (Wgtn)

  12. Well it has certainly been an interesting day so far. Sadly I fear Brylee will see her suspension as a badge of honour and a good score to get half a day off school. She is year 9 isn't she? I have to give her one thing - considering her size she has some balls doing and saying what she does, it needs someone to turn around and give her a taste of her own medicine. I assume it is straight to her room, no TV, phone or other electronics and don't come out until dinner?

    1. For now.. yep she's banned to her room. We shall talk to her about this once Stew gets home. She tried to tell me she was home early because there was a problem with about 4 girls and she had NO IDEA what was going on cos "No one is telling the same story"... and so they were all sent home to think about it. WTF planet is she on?

  13. Hey Chris. Have you spoken to your doc about HRT? I remember you saying something about having tried it years ago but I think it's time for a review? Good luck blossom! xxx

    1. I had a very short course of HRT a few years ago, but it did not help at all... AND... I cannot go on HRT now because of the Pulmonary Embolism I had in my lung after my last big operation.

  14. Na, it ate my comment again...

    1. No idea why Lynda. I've done all I can from this end.

  15. Not sure why the comments disappear, maybe just me? Mind you I don't have this happen on other blogs. Buggar about Brylee!! Stu's nephew has been in loads of trouble this year at school (same year as Brylee) and he just did a boot camp in Auckland for a week. Not sure if it will do anything but worth a try for him.

  16. Hmmmm Brylee acting out gee where have we seen that before, punishment of housework privileges maybe, and counselling for her to vent and rant in an appropriate setting, gee I hope she calms down soon, for all your sakes a new hobby for her? Suggest helping at SPCA? After school or a pamphlet run where she has responsibilities? Accountability etc.

    1. Councelling? Yep, lets go down that road again... and feed her love of all the attention it gets her. NOT GUNNA HAPPEN. Been there, done that for years already. She's just a little bitch and I am so over her shitty behaviour. Something has to change, but I'm not sure what or how yet.

  17. Anonymous3:19 PM

    Hay blondie1 I strongly suggest you don't even go there with the Brylee thing right now eh....

  18. AAAAAARRRRGGGHHH - just ate my comment again. Seems to have a mind of it's own.

    1. And again!!! Rude what I had to say was just so damned fantastic too :-)

    2. Tracy - I copy and paste my comments now so they don't get eaten!!

  19. Oh I didn't know that re counselling, but there is a pattern forming story telling denial LIES and a lack of accountability on her part, does the school suggest anything?

  20. Anonymous4:54 PM

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  21. I love the fabric. Can't wait to see what you do with that gorgeous bright one.

    Brylee .... *sigh* I suppose she will grow up one day!

  22. I would love to do a course too...don't have a lot of free time though which is a bugger.

  23. Ooh yum I love that top fabric with the big flowers on it. Have you got enough for 6 repeaTs. I bought heaps of neat fabrics for kaleidoscope but didn't buy enough!

  24. Love the fabrics you got! That bright flower print is so pretty.

    2nd day of school and Trevor is already having trouble. ugh.

  25. Are my eyes going bad or is your font size smaller than usual?

  26. I feel for you Chris... Kids! After bringing up 3 boys I now have a 14 year old stepdaughter.... how dramatic are girls?!
    Love the material, especially that first one... must google Kaleidoscope Stack 'n' Whack quilt!!

  27. Anonymous3:06 PM

    My comments do that too, girls! I have t preview and edit to get them to show. When my teen (boy, oldest of four) acts's poo picking duty for him! Dogs, cats, horses, cows, chickens...and when he's all finished with mine, my neighboring farmer 'borrows' him for a little more shovelling! Serves two purposes - all crap gets picked up and composted or on the dung heap, and he gets even more physical activity than usual (which is a lot!). Amazingly, he comes back through the door several hours later, in a much better mood than he went out!
    I have to google stack n whack quilt, too, now!


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