Monday, August 18, 2014


Right, first up, a few photos from the kid's visit to the Zoo yesterday:

 ABOVE:  Dante had a lovely time, but got tired towards the end of their day... perfectly understandable.

ABOVE:  Bex's favourite animal.

 ABOVE:  MY favourite animal.

ABOVE: Steve loves Ring Tailed Lemurs. That ape looks like me in a bad mood!

Plans for today?
I'm going over to Lacy's this morning to pick up a few things that are mine and/or Lacy doesn't want... like a few of Keera's toys.  I can use them here or take them to the Hospice Shop.

I think Matt is coming with me to give me a hand with a heavy computer desk.

I think Bex is going to Playcentre?  And picking up our latest Tupperware too.  THAT should be nice.

This afternoon I'm going to do my shift at the Hospice Shop.  I  am handing in notice today.  I'm simply NOT enjoying it there, it's freezing, the shop is quiet as and I'm bored shitless.

I can think of a dozen things I'd rather be doing to be honest.

At some point I plan on finding something else I can do in the community, something that is more enjoyable.  I might even find something at the Hospice itself?  We will see.

Right, gunna go and get a move on...


ABOVE:  I thought I was going over to Lacy's to collect my blue computer desk and a few toys!
Ahhh nah, boxes and bags full of clothes too... and various other odds n sods.

Half is going with me to Hospice.  I've kept most of the toys as they can be used here.
And a lot of Keera's baby clothes and bedding... it can be held here for the next baby girl, if we are lucky enough to get one.

I'm now off to have a quick lunch before heading off the the afternoon to Hospice.

Resign that is. 
I walked in there and we were quite busy all afternoon, AND I now have another lady who works the counter/shop floor with me, so it's not so lonely.
And it wasn't cold today, which sure helped.

I didn't get anything for me!  But I did spot two items of furniture and got Bex to come down and see if she wanted them:

ABOVE:  drawers and a dining room table.  AND YES, her and Steve wanted them, so they bought them.
Now they just have to hire a trailer to get the table home.  I've got the drawers in the back of me car right now, ready for Steve to bring inside.

I am starting to think we won't be able to move in our house soon!

Dinner smells delicious! Not sure what's on the menu, Bex is cooking.  Drooling....

Dinner was really lovely... Bex and Matt cooked Lemon Chicken over rice, they did a damn fine job of it.

End of Day: Stew and Griffin went over to Lacy's to pick up our lawn mower and big bean bag... and then we all spent a nice evening either watching TV or playing Monopoly.  
nite nite


  1. Leigh7:58 AM

    You should go regularly to a quilt shop for a sewing morning, so you can meet other women. I know I need my friends to have a good moan with and then enjoy sewing with.

  2. I love going to the zoo especially with kids in tow. Gee that's a decent load of gear and stuff. Are there other charity shops nearby? You could volunteer at.

  3. When the kids were younger I suggested to my MIL that she bought an annual zoo pass & an annyal MOTAT pass for the family for Christmas. Best idea ever, free outing all year & you didn't feel like you didn't have to try & see everything in one day. We would often have a picnic in Western Springs park then wander around the zoo for an hour or so. Different times of day & different weather conditions meant that you got to experience everything. It could be something for you to look at for Bex & Steve & Dante @ Christmas since they will be living in their own place & money will be tight. This way they can spend time out as a family without it costing them a fortune.

  4. I love zoo photos, especially the kids faces at the zoo! I notide that King Julian was at the zoo that day!

  5. Almost looks like our zoos :)

    Did Bex and Steve find a place?


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