Friday, August 08, 2014


I was Johnny on the spot and caught this gorgeous play time with Dante and the dogs, primarily Coco, yesterday afternoon:

ABOVE:  Dante was in NO DANGER of being bitten by Coco AT ALL.  She is always very gentle and careful with him, which is wonderful.  She is such a lovely little girl, and Dante?  He's his father's son.  A right hard case.

Last night I popped into my Aunt and Uncle's to pick up a piece of fabric she had got me from Paeroa.  

ABOVE:  I am going to make placemats for my Mum out of it.  There's enough to make a set of 8 for her.  I'm sure she will love them.

ABOVE: I made this bootie last night, it's gorgeous!  I shall make the 2nd one tonight while watching the telly I think.

Today I want to sew a frog.


Some days (like too often) I have my plans for the day, and somehow they get sidetracked soooooo easily!

I went downstairs to make me bed and start on the frog.
But I saw a heap of dust on the shelving above my bed, so decided now would be a good time to clean it.
So I did.

Then I ended up in the laundry (getting cleaners) and thought "Oh, I could tidy up this laundry cupboard while I'm here"... So I did.
And now, after a good two hours! , I'm finally going back downstairs to .... MAYBE make a frog!

Well.... I have spring cleaned the garage, the laundry, my sewing area, and a few other small places around the house.
It has taken all day, and it is NOT what I thought I would be doing today.

FROG?  Still not even started!   And he won't get done tomorrow as we have a full day planned.

I've got roast pork in the oven too... so I've been the perfect wifey today!

End of Day:  fook!  Anyone else run over their own toes while sitting on their computer chair?  I just did, it bloody hurts!  I  must be tired, actually I take that back.  I am knackered!
I literally moved, cleaned, re-arranged, and spring cleaned almost non stop today.  I'm paying for it now with a really sore back and arms.
Oh well... I can relax tomorrow.  I'm not doing one iota of housework tomorrow.
Time for bed.  Early for once.  It's only 10.48 pm.
nite nite


  1. I love the Tui fabric that will make beautiful place mats. I'm still home feet up bit sore n sorry for me self. Look like I have been got at with a baseball bat!

  2. Woo! Can't wait to see that one! The frog, that is! lol! PS Love the booties. I still have the ones mum made Dobby. xx

  3. Love the video - too cute.

  4. Sounds like you are having a more productive day than me. I got home from work at 1130pm last night so today is a slow one. Looking forward to seeing this frog.


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