Sunday, August 24, 2014


No definite plans for today, but I'd like us to go out somewhere nice.
Maybe a beach, or .... 

Lacy and Keera are now (I presume) living in Tauranga.
As far as I know they moved over there properly yesterday, but I'm not sure.
I haven't heard from her since Wednesday.  Out of sight out of mind no doubt.
I hope her and Keera settle in and enjoy living there.

We will miss them... hopefully they can catch a bus and come back to see us fairly regularly.

I'm still thrilled to bits with my new (but old) computer pozzie in the Family Room.  I can see so much more of what's going on in the house from here!  Up the hallway, down to the front door, and of course the kitchen/Family room.  If I lift me chin a bit I can even almost see Stew in the Lounge too.  

Simple things can make such a difference eh?

I started taking only half an anti-depressant last night... so fingers crossed in another month I will be totally weaned off them!  How awesome will that be?  Heaps.  

I am hoping it will help with my weight issues.  Even if it's only psychologically!  The mind is a powerful thing, and so much is down to how we feel, even if it's not necessarily true.  Your mind can play tricks on ya.

I hope mine does!  I need all the help I can get to turn the weight around, and be heading down again.

Right, that's about it for now... I'm off to see what we can get up to today!


Pfffft... Stew wants to stay home and do jobs.  So... *sigh*, looks like it's a sewing day for me. Trouble is I don't really feel like sewing.

Thanks for contacting me Lacy.  How is it in Tauranga today?

I know what I shall do!
I'll make a club sandwich tutorial.... off to get the thin sliced bread...


Use whatever ingredients you want in your sandwich.  

ABOVE:  1. Grated Carrot, Cheese and small amount of Mayonnaise.
2. Lettuce leaves.
3. Hard boiled eggs, mashed up with cream cheese.
4. Chopped up Ham.
5. Chopped up Smoked Chicken.
6. Basil Pesto with Cashew Nuts.
7. Fresh Parsley.
8. If making just ONE club sandwich, you will need two loaves of sandwich sliced bread of your choice, lightly spread with Margarine or soft butter.  Cut the crusts off.

 ABOVE:  drop a few sprigs of parsley or herbs of your choice into the bottom of the Tupperware Jelly Ring.

 ABOVE:  Holding the bread like this...

 ABOVE:  Drop each piece of bread into the Tupperware Jelly Ring with the buttered side FACING UP, slightly overlapping each slice as you line the dish.

 ABOVE:   Add your first ingredient.  Mine is the ham.  Put the next layer of bread on top, buttered side up.  

 ABOVE:  My next layer was lettuce leaves and the carrot/cheese/mayo mixture.  Press it all down with the back of a spoon. Add another layer of bread on top, buttered side up, and don't forget to slightly overlap the bread slices as you go.

 ABOVE:  My next layer is the egg and cream cheese.  Again, put another layer of bread on top, buttered side up. Press down with the back of a spoon.

ABOVE: I did a final layer of ham/chicken and the Basil Pesto, then I put the FINAL layer of bread on... this time.... BUTTERED SIDE DOWN.

ABOVE:  Press the whole lot down. Trim around the edge, press the lid on.

ABOVE:  Place in fridge to 'set' a bit.  You can cut it in about an hour.  
The beauty of these is you can chuck the Tupperware Jelly Ring in the chilly bin/esky and take to a BBQ/Picnic, and they don't fall apart. 

 ABOVE:  Ready to eat.

1. Take the large seal off.
2. Flip it over onto the plate/serving dish, remove the inner seal, then the outer Ring.
3. Notice how it's a bit 'messy' inside?  
4. Trim with a sharp knife.
5. Ready to serve.

You can make it look 'pretty' by placing lettuce leaves/cherry tomatoes etc in the middle 'hole' if you want.  I didn't bother today.

 ABOVE:  Ready to cut.  The Tupperware Jelly Ring leaves you perfect cutting lines!  You get 20 sandwiches out of one Tupperware Jelly Ring. 


They tasted damn fine too.

Tupperware Jelly Rings cost $40 and they are worth every cent!

Right, there ya go.  Tutorial done and dusted, I'm off to have a granny nap.  I'm cold.

Granny nap.. bit hard when there's so many NOISY people on the property!
Stew mowed the lawns, the kids were playing and bouncing balls on the concrete, Dante was making lots of either happy or crabby noise... so I kinda dozed.  

Steve cooked Sweet 'n' Sour chicken for dinner, it was bloody nice I must say.

End of Day:  spent the evening watching telly, really enjoying The X Factor Australia right now.
nite nite


  1. It is a stunning day here I could be out walking having a coffee but I too am at home just relaxing. The club sandwiches always look so yum.

  2. Step one: Buy thin sliced bread. Hmmm. They MUST sell that here in the US. I have never thought of it before. What tupperware gadget do you use?

  3. Anonymous1:10 PM


    Looking forward to your sandwich tutorial, pics make me hungry!


  4. Thanks for the tutorial. I am loving the idea of mixing the egg with cream cheese instead of mayo. yum. so if I buy one of these jelly molds will you be offering other ideas on what to make in it? And the bread is just regular sandwich bread - I don't have to look for something specifically marked as "thin sliced"? I want that sandwich.

  5. Anonymous2:57 PM

    Tauranga is absolutely lovely, and Keera is loving every minute of being around kids and my friends.
    Pity we both have colds Keera's one is worse but we will come right.
    So we are both happy and settling fine

    1. Exciting time ahead. Hope it all goes well. Xo

    2. Good luck Lacey, Tauranga is lovely.. enjoy your new life.

    3. Sandwiches look yum! Thanks for the tutorial!

  6. Such a cool idea for the club sandwiches. Almost makes me want to rush out and buy one of those moulds.

  7. Anonymous10:16 PM

    Broken glass jelly looks great in the Tupperware jell ring too. It's my Xmas traditional dessert. But I have amended it slightly to make it a little healthier and not do many calories

  8. Anonymous2:14 AM

    Love the club sandwiches, I just need to get the Tupperware. Felicity are you able to share the recipe for Broken glass jelly please ?

  9. Anonymous2:15 AM

    Sorry that previous comment was me
    Kym / Australia


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