Friday, August 22, 2014


OOOooo...  Today I'm going to The Crafty Needle on Jack Conway Ave in Manukau ... to attend the Friday morning get together/patchwork class.

I say 'class' but from what I understand you take whatever project you are currently working on and do it in the company of other women.  There is a 'tutor' who is there to help you if you have any questions/problems too.

I think they do class projects too, but you don't have to join in of course.

This sounds right up my alley ... I have so many projects I want to do already, I certainly don't want to add to me list right now.

So, I shall pack up me 'class bag', put the cover on my machine and get down there by 10 am.
This class goes till 12.30 pm, so it's not a long class, plenty of time to get home and do some housework.

Like I relish that idea... NOT.

Because I am a 'tidy freak' my house is never a mess really...  but some things like DUSTING can get a bit neglected, but on the whole it's always fairly up to date.  One of the 'side effects' of having a large family... if you don't want to live in chaos, keep on top of the housework!  *smiles*

I used to make my 6 kids help me.  I had a rostered housework chart, where everyone had jobs to do ... but now that I'm down to just Brylee and Griffin, I tend to do the majority of it myself.   Trying to explain what I want done with those two is like trying to explain nuclear science... impossible.  I swear to God some days I might as well be speaking a different language!

Right... that came out of nowhere... mini rant!

ABOVE:  Meet Max.  He is my sister-in-law's 'new to her' dog.  He's about 6 years old and according to Khady he needs LOTS of training.  *smiles*  By the look of him he's going to keep her on her toes.  Too bad her cat doesn't like him. 

 ABOVE:  I saw this gorgeous mug rug on a girl's blog yesterday, sheesh I can't remember whose blog either!  Sorry for not linking back to you ... Chick!  Anyway, I might just make one similar soon, cos it's so pretty. edit:  I found the blogger who's blog I got the pretty mug rug from.

OK... I'm off to pack me Sewing Bag/trolley... AND ME CAMERA AND CARD.


Hi! I got back from class at bang on 1 pm, just as the plumber was arriving to replace a leaking tap in the ensuite bathroom.
Good timing.

Class:  Really liked it.  There were 4 ladies, the tutor and the shop owner there.  One of the regular members was away, so I shall meet her another day.

We were all doing our own projects today.  I finally started on me frog!
Didn't finish it though, I was yakking too much! *smiles*

ABOVE:  The 'class room' is at the end of the shop, separated by large shelves full of fabric.  It's a lovely, bright and welcoming area.

I joined the Friday class, and next week I am going to attend the Wednesday class as well.  If I like it, I'm going to join THAT one too.  

Already feeling very positive about getting out and about more!  Very happy today, that's for sure.  All the ladies were warm and welcoming, which was lovely.

Now that I've had some lunch, I will go and work on the frog some more.

Frog is coming along well... got all the stuffing and stitching down the openings to do tonight.

I've got Spaghetti Bologneise cooking for dinner... then it will be sit down and do the hand sewing while watching Coronation Street.  Yaaa!

End of Day:  well it's been a fab day... and now I'm looking forward to a lovely weekend too.  It's supposed to be fine for the next few days.
Freakin' tired... off to bed a bit early.
nite nite


  1. Anonymous12:37 PM

    Hope you enjoyed your class today.

  2. Anonymous2:24 PM

    glad you enjoyed the class!!!!

  3. Hi. Finally caught up with all your blog. Wow! What a time of it.

    I love my patchwork group ...... love chatting too :)

  4. How cool glad you liked the class. Maybe vaccuming edges wiping window sills and then walking along maybe Griffin holding duster on pole and do high dusting where all the cobwebs seem to gather start easy an basic! Lol surely they can do that? Samuel moves furniture for me that's the job I hate most vaccum under things.

  5. Nice to read that you are getting out more mum. Awesome. ...

  6. sounds like a perfect day with a lovely ending. Nite x

  7. Good to hear you found a class to your liking, have a wonderful time. Have a relaxing weekend.


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