Wednesday, August 06, 2014


Last night, before he went to bed, Dante decided he wanted to play with all the baby booties I've been knitting.

He got them out of the drawer and proceeded to throw them around, gather them up, line them up, pile them up and bowl them over, and refuse to give them up.

I got them off him and told him they were MINE, and his bottom lip dropped, quivered and he burst into tears.

He got the booties back.  Obviously!

ABOVE:  Mine, all mine!  Weird kid, but bloody cute.

ABOVE:  Yes, those ones DO fit him, but he doesn't want them on his feet, nope, not at all.
Oh well.  They can be for another grand baby one day.

Bex has already 'claimed' the pink ones, cos according to her and Steve they will be having a baby girl 'next'.

NEXT... is not NOW. 

Today ... well.... if it's warm enough, I will sit here and read some blogs.  If it's cold, I'll sit by the fire and knit!

Simple eh?  


Feeling good!  I am reading blogs, catching up on everyone's news.
I read about 15 then take a break, do a housework job then come back to it.  Working really well too.
I've got washing airing in the dryer, made the bed, tidied up the spare bedroom, sorted out the Tupperware cupboard... and I've got heaps more on me list.

Better get back to it...

Time to stop the blog reading.  I'm starting to freeze sitting here in the corner.  I'm going to get some lunch and sit down by the fire for a while.  And melt no doubt.   lol
Can't win with me, I'm either cold or too hot.

Well!  I kinda forgot to update for the majority of the day.  After lunch I fell asleep!  Then I got 'stuck' on the phone for  over an hour with me Mum, which was lovely actually.
Such a nice yak, we hadn't had one like that in a while.

Everyone is home, all fed and watered and looking forward to an nice evening in front of the telly or doing our own thing.

A real winter's day today, lots of wind and rain and cold.

I'm now off to look at fridges.  I've decided to get a new fridge for the kitchen, the one in there right now is a half fridge/freezer and I really need a full fridge in the kitchen.
So... window shopping on the 'net now.

End of Day:  I think I've seen a fridge I like... so will check it out tomorrow.
nite nite


  1. It must be warm there!.... thanks for your comments on my blog x

  2. That's cute as! It has turned cold and awful here now raining oh joy. I don't feel motivated to do anything.So I'm not.

  3. I know that feeling of too hot or too cold - there is no winning against the hormones !!!!!
    Have a wonderful day xox

  4. My oh my what a gorgeous boy:-) Missed your beautiful family:-) Keep warm and dry! x

  5. Dante is so cute! Lol on the lower lip quiver!

  6. Anonymous3:36 PM

    love a Nana nap!!!


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