Sunday, October 27, 2013


I'm a walking zombie.
Staying up half the night to keep an eye on the puppies is tiring work!

But, I can have a granny nap after Stew gets up, so it's all good.

All puppies are doing well.... and today they should all show a gain in weight, compared to yesterday's weigh in, where most of them lost a few grams.  (perfectly normal).

I took photos of all of their markings again :

 I tried to get their wee faces too, but the little buggers wouldn't keep still long enough, every photo was blurry.  So I give up for now.
When their eyes open they will be more 'face' photogenic... *smiles*  

INTERESTING FACTS: newborn pups eyelids do not open until they are around 2 weeks old, so they are effectively blind until then. 
Their ear canals are also closed for about a week too.  Therefore, pups are also deaf for at least a week or so. 

In our busy house, this is not a bad thing!

 ABOVE:  a certain wee man who would LOVE to get into the pen with the puppies.  Ain't gunna happen.  And yes, he's chewing the wooden barrier.  

ABOVE:  Stew watering the Tomato Patch.  We only have 6 plants in right now, but will add more in about 2-3 weeks time.  That way we don't have masses of tomatoes ready at the same time.

Today's plans?  I will send Stew out to get some photos developed, for my 'Puppy Book'.  
Do some housework.  Watch Puppies.  That's about all!


Morning! It's 10.35 and I've just got out of bed... AGAIN.  Stew and Bex watched pups while I had a sleep.
The puppies are a lot more settled today, it's Coco who isn't.  She's doing a fair bit of crying over her babies.  She really doesn't like them crying!

Puppies Day 2:  You know when you take heaps of photos of ya baby, and you can't bear to get rid of any?  I'm a bit like that.  So, you get several photos instead of only a couple! ...

They are seriously adorable.
And I am biased, I put me hands up!  lol

I'ts a bit strange with no comments today... has anyone left one and it's not shown up at this end?   Or are ya all bored with me puppies already?  SHOCK HORROR!

It's deadly quiet in the house!  Everyone has gone out and left me with Coco, Teddy and puppies.

It is so weird.  

Coco was getting very distressed this morning, crying, shivering, digging again... so I read up on the 'net about possible post delivery problems.  It would appear Coco was not happy with her surroundings.  So I've covered her whelping pen with a dark sheet and given her more privacy.

I'm happy to say she is now much more settled and has stopped crying and digging. 

Phew!  She had me worried for a while.

Getting hungry, Stew is bringing me a Kebab for my lunch, once he and the kids are done shopping at the mall.  It's 2 pm...  me tummy is rumbling!

MARTINE:  Dante just stares at them.  I don't think the fact that they are here has registered with him at all.  A bit over his head yet.  We can't wait until they are all running around him!  *smiles.
And before you ask, Teddy is wisely keeping his distance.  He knows if he gets too close Coco will growl at him.

TRACY:  I think Coco has a serious case of 'Over Protective Mummy' syndrome!  She wants to go out to the bathroom often, but if a puppy whimpers she races back to them.  It's so adorable.

Steve and Bex are cooking dinner tonight:

ABOVE:  kebabs about to go on the BBQ.  It looks awesome!

Meanwhile, their baby is asleep:

ABOVE: Dante, asleep sideways in his cot.  Our little darling. 

End of Day:  dinner was amazing!  I'm a bit put out, those kids can cook better than me some days!
Another long night ahead of me... Coco is getting very tired and lying on top of puppies sometimes, so I'm having to keep a careful watch on her.
nite nite


  1. All the pictures are so sweet, including your darling Stew!!!

  2. So teeny tiny!! So cute!

  3. Absolutely not bored with puppies ...they are gorgeous.

  4. I've been wondering about Coco since you mentioned yesterday that she seemed unhappy. I hope she continues to perk up. I know you'll be keeping an eagle eye on her!

  5. They are so cute..............I bet your tired. What does Dante think ?

  6. Hell no.. not bored with puppy pictures.. keep them coming. Busy baking 3rd xmas cake. And just been out to cousins so Molly could have a play with her 5 poodles.... spot the odd one out! Hope Coco feels better soon.

  7. Anonymous3:17 PM

    Loving the puppy pictures. They are so tiny and cute.

  8. You can never get too many puppy pictures. Coco is such a natural Mum.

  9. Adorable, well done Coco and family.

  10. Oh! I finally got to your blog to see the puppy pics! So cute. I first started reading your blog when Coco was expecting her first litter.

  11. My comments don't seem to be getting through, of course we would never get enough of A: puppies B: babies C: food those kebabs yummmmmmm.

  12. Babies and puppies....your house is overflowing with cuteness.

  13. The puppies are so cute. They look great. I am looking into getting a collie puppy and one breeder just told me he lost quite a few in the litter because of mom lying on them. I never really new you had to watch a litter of new pups like a hawk, but I think you are doing everything right! They are beautiful and will be so much fun to watch!

    The kebobs look amazing too! I like the little broccoli tree top on the top of each one!

  14. The puppies are just adorable! It's good you are watching them so closely it sounds like. Dante is just such a sweet doll baby!


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