Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Freakin hell... it's being a long night!  The pups have been really unsettled tonight.  I've been up and down like a bloody yo-yo getting them all back together umpteen times already.
One will wander off then start crying, and Coco has real trouble getting it back into the group. So I get up and do it.
Then she wants out for bathroom, so I have to open the door for her... and it goes on and on.

Bring on the end of the first week!  I will be having a midday nap for sure today.

After finding three really lovely tops for myself at our local Hospice Shop (not the one I usually work at), I am going back there this morning.  
I'm sure Bex can watch me puppies again!

I better tell her eh?

Maybe she can go after I come back, she loves Op Shopping too.

And YES Karen, that basket was from the Hospice Shop.  

Can you believe I didn't post a photo of the puppies yesterday? !
So, here's one from yesterday:

ABOVE:  that is little Flint lying on top of Jet and Pearl.  

I am starting to feel more confident that they will all be OK.  After losing Sage last year I have not been able to relax with this litter.  Just a few more days and I think we will be past the real 'danger' stage.

Hopefully I will get some nice photos of them again today.  


Well as I mentioned earlier, I got almost no sleep last night.  And it didn't help that it got really cold around 5am... and I didn't have a warm blanket and I couldn't be arsed going and getting a warmer one.  *sigh*  I was just not bothered.
I did put the heat pump on once I'd properly risen though.

I've been to the Hospice Shop this morning, and managed to find a few more items of clothing for me, Dante and Keera.  AND a scarf like the one I bought a while ago for $35, only I paid $2 for the same scarf (different colour) at the Hospice shop!

I'm pleasantly surprised at the quality of clothes our local shop has.  Very nice stuff.

Bex has taken Dante to the Dr now.  He's got a chesty cold and was rattly this morning.  So, better to get him seen now just in case he gets worse.

Talking of Dante, he managed to crawl INTO the whelping pen this morning!  And Coco didn't bat an eye!

ABOVE:  Coco is such a lovely dog.  I'm sure she knew I was watching that little ratbag,  and wouldn't let him touch her babies.  
He was only in there for as long as it took to take the photo, then he was whipped out again!
He didn't even try to touch any of the pups.

Right, it's close enough to lunch time for me to think about making something.... maybe a toasted sandwich will do today...

This little video was taken this morning, it's a 'first' for Stew and Dante:

ABOVE:  the first time Dante has cried and wanted to go with his Granddad out the door!  So cute.

Right.  Lunch done.  Kids home from school - yep.  Dinner - got it sorted in me mind.
Latest photos for the day - yep:

Time will tell just how their coats end up looking.  They change so much once their hair grows.
Isn't it cute how they all look like they are wearing a white scarf?

End of Day:  things are not looking good for wee Flint.
I've had to take him to the After Hours Vet at 6pm.  He's failing to thrive... in fact he is fading.
We have to try and supplement feed him for now. 
I'm in for a long night again.... trying to feed him every 2 hours.
nite nite


  1. I'm not a "dog person" but they are cute!

  2. they are filling out already!

  3. get into your snuggly blanket thing or leave it out tonight.. Those are some serious cute bundles of puppy and I do hope you get some rest today.

  4. I am sooo happy Coco was content with Dante in the pen, I bet he is fascinated by these little critters that have suddenly arrived in Coco's life. I am still in search of a puppy as my Lab Buddy died 5 weeks ago after taking some arthritis drug for a few days. Thinking of a collie. That would be a cheerful clever dog! Wish I was a few thousand miles closer and could come "socialize" your pups when they are older! I

  5. Dante cries with a New Zealand accent! So cute.

  6. Awww that is so sweet crying for Grandpa!

  7. Its so nice coming home to a crappy day at work to see puppies. Is Ruby the darkest of the girls?

  8. Poor Flint. I hope he is ok.

  9. Anonymous8:31 PM

    Oh Chris I am sending prayers up for flint, I hope things start to improve for him. Hugs to you I know how devastated you
    would be with this.

  10. Best of luck with Flint. Hope he will be ok:-(

  11. I have just caught up on blogs and I am remiss in offering you congratulations on the new arrivals! Adorable!!! But not as adorable as Dante:)

  12. Aww ... sorry to hear about wee Flint .... come on Flint - you can pull through this! Hoping, praying ... that things are looking brighter for him soon.

  13. Video is cute, pups are gorgeous, hope all is well in the coming days with Flint, bless. Take care.

  14. Hoping for the best for little flint!


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