Wednesday, October 23, 2013


I finally got the x-rays from the Vet, and had a chance to have a really good look at them.

So... how many can you count?   Is the ? another head do ya think?

I know it's only a couple more days till we know for sure, but I wish I knew now!

Today?  Another laid back, stay at home day.
I'm loving the freedom of NOT having to go out for any reason.

It's so nice and peaceful, just sewing down in the garage when ever I want to... not having to look at the clock for any reason at all.

Yesterday I even forgot to do dinner, so Bex did.  Bliss.  

I better do it tonight though... something with fresh asparagus, maybe a quiche of some sort I think.
I'm going to look up ideas on the 'net...

I've finished all the Mug Rugs and Placemats too...

They are very generous sized mug rugs and moderate sized Placemats.  I'm really happy with them all.

I wonder how many I will be giving away to the 'winners' of the Boys/Girls numbers???


Bex just had a mad PANIC!  She came downstairs for a minute, leaving Dante in the Family Room.   

When she went back up, she couldn't find him... she was panicking because he simply wasn't to be found... until she noticed the hallway door was slightly ajar... and Dante was in the Bathroom!

Panic over.... but she still flapped her hands like a banshee!  I do believe she was about to cry until she found him.   I do know how it feels!

I just popped out and picked up my Birthday present from Lacy.  A LADDER!  Yep, I wanted a new step-ladder... and now I have it.
I will show ya later, right now I'm watching Dante while his Mummy has a shower.

I have finally got the whelping pen all ready for delivery, with plastic sheeting, blanket and towel... and now we enter the 'serious waiting' stage.  *smiles*

Dante already knows he isn't allowed the dog food, and Coco knows if he DOES try to get it she has to let him.
Win/Win for me.

After doing masses of little jobs so far today, I'm finally free to sew. Yaaaaaaaaaa

This is what I managed to get finished today: 

ABOVE:  my chook 'placemat'.... only it's far too big to be a placemat.
So I'm not sure what to do with it right now!
I have no room on me walls for anything else, no side tables that need a covering either. So I shall have to get me thinking cap on eh?

Ha ha... I just made a HUGE, HUGE Asparagus/Bacon/Cheese Quiche.  I kinda  used my Salmon Quiche recipe, but just used asparagus and bacon instead of the salmon.  Opps, just realised I forgot the onions.  Oh well... too late, they are in the oven now.

I'm sure (Hell I hope so!) ... I'm sure they will still taste OK?  Time.  Will.  Tell.

I used 5 big bowls, the grater, the mixer, a wooden board and a huge pot... so lots of dishes.  Bex is being a honey and getting them washed before dinner. 

I'm all hot and bothered now, so will take a break ...  did I mention I used 28 eggs and 8 cups of milk?  Haa haaa.... There are two BIG quiches and two small ones.

Dinner was a success, everyone loved the quiche.  Thank goodness.  I've got two little ones left for lunches/freezer too.
No point making just one eh.

End of Day:  a successful day, I got heaps done; which makes me happy.
nite nite


  1. I love fresh asparagus... and yes, it's gorgeous in a quiche! About not knowing how many pups... that makes it all the more exciting!!

  2. That won't be the last time she can't find him either lol. Oh the xray is neat and creepy all at the same time. The mug rugs and place mats are cute!

  3. Hhhmm thanks Chris. I now know what I'm having for tea. Salmon quiche with aspagus yum yum can't wait

  4. Anonymous2:08 PM

    Dante is so cute. We are at home today having a lazy day - madam thought she was going to spew on the way to school so it was a trip straight home... no chundering and not much else getting done but a LOT of sleep. Boring - I'd rather be at work. Sucks having to be quiet at home... there are so many things I should be doing. Not long to wait for the pups now! Can't wait to see how many etc.


  5. The xray I still think 7 puppies and I think she will have them tonight/tomorrow that means a late one and an early finish sorry!! The chook mat is absolutely FAB, a counter runner top mat, frame it ? The quiche well If I wasn't so far away I would drive up there and help you taste test it...

  6. Oh wow, I love the over big placemat! I wish shipping wasn't so much, or I would have you make me a set like that! I LOVE it!!
    Can't wait to see the new pups!!!

  7. The question mark in the top photo looks like a fish. I hereby offically change my guess to six dogs and one fish.

    irtoce 43

  8. It's always lovely spending the day doing the things one likes. Looking forward to finding out how many puppies there will be.

  9. what no quiche picture ;) Sounds yummy I love asparagus but it's out of season here so too expensive.


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