Friday, October 04, 2013


I didn't think it was possible, but I'm starting to get a bit tired of shopping!
But... our visitor has told Griffin she will get him some summer clothes for his birthday (in November)... while she's still here.  
So that's what we are doing today.

ABOVE: little Miss Keera pushing the grocery trolley yesterday.  She loved grocery shopping!
Won't be long before she loathes it I bet.  *smiles*

1 more day until my next weigh in ... Day 240!  I'm finally feeling like I'm back on track... and feeling really positive and happy again.
Well... on the 'diet' front at least.

I am thinking... I shall start tracking my food during the day again.  Often I sit at night and try to remember what I had during the day... and it's sometimes beyond me to remember!
Not a good idea really... so I'm going to get a notebook and track again.  

Not counting 'points' or 'calories'... just jotting down what I've eaten so I'm aware of what/how much I'm having.

Talking of food: Coco is getting hungrier by the day... she is begging for food ALL. THE. TIME.  So I feed her. Her belly is starting to scare me, I hope she doesn't get too huge.  She is already starting to 'waddle'!

Right, that's about it from me for now... catch ya later...


ABOVE:  Trying Fruit Loops for the first time.  Not something we normally buy for the kids, but it's a treat  for the school holidays.

ABOVE:  Griffin modeling a couple of new clothes outfits... early birthday presents.

End of ... another lovely day.
Not much else to yabber on about so...
nite nite


  1. My mom is a total shopper and can shop for hours. I hate shopping! In and out for what I need and that's it!

  2. Is there a reason why you can't mention your visitor's name or did I miss something :) Good luck with weigh in tomorrow!!

  3. Griffin is a good looking lad really killing the
    Khaki look

  4. Shopping did I hear you say you are tired!!!! haha well you will be able to rest up soon. Griffin looks so grown up and utterly handsome YOU ROGCK! Griffin.

  5. I am almost the same this holidays! All shopped out!

  6. Griffin is going to break hearts when he's older. A gorgeous young man!


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