Thursday, October 17, 2013


I had a really neat time yesterday, making Mug Rugs!
It felt a bit like a production line though...

But... still fun.

I have 18 mug rugs 'on the go' right now.  
So hopefully I will have enough for 'winners' of the puppy competition.
Today is the last day for us in the Southern Hemisphere to guess... and also in the Northern Hemisphere.  
Tomorrow at 9am we will find out how many puppies there are!
MEGA excited ... so is Bex!  She's coming with me to the Vets cos she wants the news first hand too.  *smiles*

Funny it just occured to me... even though we will know HOW MANY puppies there are... we won't know how many girls/boys until they are born.
Lucky that's only about 8-9 days away.

It will give me enough time to get all those mug rugs finished eh?

Any that don't end up as prizes will go into my 'Christmas Stash'.  Not that I'm giving many presents to adults this year... I'm focusing on all my Grandchildren first and foremost.

If funds allow, then, and only then, will I consider giving to adults.  With this family growing all the time, it gets a bit expensive to try and give gifts to everyone.

Anyone else have that predicament?  What do you do to keep the cost of Christmas down?

Right... I'm off to make the lunches, feed the dogs, make me bed... bla bla bla.

Then sew of course!


BEC-EVS:  I've heard of that idea before... sound good to me.  Maybe that is what we will try this Christmas.

I've been sewing for almost 3 hours!  The Mug Rugs are probably about 3/4's done.  Not bad.  I've already put my name on two of them!  You can never have too many mug rugs eh?  *smiles*

I've only come up from the garage to get my camera.  My LEMON (sewing machine) is playing up again.  It seems to ALWAYS play up when I use the automatic thread cutter.  *sigh*  So, I'll take photos and if it keeps happening I will be taking the bitch back ... again.

Came up from the sewing intending to have lunch, watch last night's Home and Away then get back to me sewing.  But I got all dozy after lunch so had a nap!
Was nice too.  So quiet in the house around lunchtime as Dante has a nap too.

The kids are home now, so I'm going to do some more sewing... I've got all the binding to do for 18 mug rugs... and I ain't cut out the bindings yet.  Yaaaa... this is the bit I find a pain in the arse.

Before I forget... I fed Coco her lunch and Dante was interested, so it was a good time to teach him NO to annoying the dog while she ate, and also a good time to remind Coco that if the baby wanted her food she had to step back.

Humans are above dogs, no matter what size they are and both my dogs know this.
I think Dante found it very confusing... I was telling him NO to touching the dogs food, then taking it off Coco and putting it in front of him.  
But it went well... Coco conceded ownership of the food every time I gave it to Dante. 
She's a good dog.   As for Dante?  Still confused.  lol

End of Day: well I thought I'd have a few of those mug rugs finished by tonight, but NOPE. There was more to do than I thought, and I havn't even cut out the bindings yet!

Oh well... maybe tomorrow?
nite nite


  1. wow I think im a bit excited to find out how many puppies there are. looks like you are having fun with the mug rugs to mum.and as for xmas gifts I start on boxing day with all the sales, I start with a list of names and once that person is done I cross there name off I think I have 4 to go.have a good day love you.

  2. I agree with you about Christmas. I have told everyone that only grandchildren will get presents this year.
    It has got out of control and with 5 grandchildren it is far from cheap.
    Tomorrow I fly to Spain to see my latest grandchild who is almost 4mths's been a very very long wait
    Good luck at the vets and I will be keeping up with your news whilst I am away

  3. We buy for the kids and then put all the adults names in a hat and choose one with a max price of 50.00. It saves us a fortune and we all still get a gift

  4. Bummer. I misread and thought you were finding out the puppies today...

    Mug Rugs look cool as - you're a clever sausage aren't ya??


  5. Anonymous11:52 AM

    a friend of mines her family have a tradition of a secret santa the presents have to be to the value of 20 or less thats for adults only.

  6. We do the one gift thing too at Stu's family Christmas. Everyone buys a present up to $10 then when everyone has been given one, you take a name out of the hat and who ever's name it is can swap the gift with someone elses. It then goes on until all the names are out of the hat. It is hilarious, everyone grabbing back a present they want! Mind you, this is usually with around 20 adults, not sure if it would work with a smaller number.

  7. Our family has done a few different things for gift exchange now that everyone is having kids of their own. We would put everyone's name in a hat and draw names, you couldn't draw a name from someone in your own household, and we set a price limit of $20 USD for each gift. Then, as more babies came into each individual family, that started to become too expensive, we decided to do just a Christmas ornament exchange. The Christmas ornaments had to me handmade, no store bought ones. Only one ornament per person per family, for example, There are three people in my household and five in my brother's household, so we would only be making and giving away 5 ornaments to my brother's household. We really enjoy the ornament exchange better because we can get crafty all year around, and the kids really like to get involved in the process, and it's cheaper. We can't tell anybody in the other households what ornaments we were making either. My brother's family opts to make a different ornament per person, my family opts to make everyone the same themed ornament (one year everybody got salt dough gingerbread men, last year everyone got snowmen, and this year my household family is planning on making snowflakes out of clothes pins that my kids will paint after I assembly them).

  8. 7 puppies. 4 boys, 3 girls :)

  9. The mugs rugs are so colourful and bright just so cool. Xmas is always an expensive time my nana she used to buy tinned groceries and toiletries all year round for her 6 children so 6 items a week prob $10 so each family got approx. $70 worth of things like crackers biscuits tinned fruit jellies drink satchets sauces toilet paper soap powder soap oh and a box of choccies etc dull things but when visitors are around an extra box of groceries always helped so it worked out as $35 per adult BUT as most things were bought on special you actually got a lot and it was spread over whole year. As the family expanded only the children were bought for and a $10 limit was placed,then the hat and names came along for adults everyone chose one name and bought for that person but again only $10 spend so everyone got a gift. I do like the exchange and swap back that would be hilarious....

  10. Anonymous10:34 PM

    As our family has grown we now give "scratchie" tickets, to the families who we can't see on Christmas Day, we send a card, stick the tickets on the inside of the card, draw a circle around the tickets and write the names of the family members in the circle so that they choose the ticket we wanted them to have. Everyone has the chance to win big $'s from the tickets, and they are now a family favourite. Not as nice as your mug rugs, but affordable to all families. Sandra.

  11. I need to take up a hobby. Good luck with the pending puppies.

  12. Dante looks like you a lot!

  13. Dante is like what the heck? lol so cute!


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