Saturday, October 19, 2013



OMG... I've had them for 8 years, nearly 9 in fact.

While I don't get as many as I used to... probably due to the medication I'm on, when I do get one I have a massive melt down.

Last night I got one and honestly, I felt like I was going to be sick.  I had to put a fan on, and then wet my face/neck and arms to try and cool down.    

I have noticed lately that my hot flushes are actually getting WORSE... SO... I'm going to the Dr next week to see if they can give me anything else that will help.

I've tried quite a few 'natural' remedies with NO LUCK... the only thing they did was empty me wallet.

So... I will see the Dr again.

It's Saturday.  Steve is at work at his 2nd job, (Southern Traders), and everyone else is home for the weekend.  

I'm expecting Kelly and Rena today too.
So once again, a family weekend.

Maybe the kids and Stew can get out for a walk? The weather is supposed to be nice. 

I am going NOWHERE.  Coco needs to be watched from now on, even though the pups are not 'due' until next Friday... I'm still staying home.

I'd love to get some sewing done.  So... that's all for now... back later no doubt.


Busy morning... feeding Keera, and the dogs, and trying to get some washing on... then grooming dogs ears... Coco always gets knots around the base of her ears... THANKS TO TEDDY CHEWING ON THEM.  

So... I cut them right back, so hopefully she won't get too matted once she has puppies chewing on her too!

Stew tried to have a sleep in... but I fear it was a waste of time as he would have been able to  hear all of us up in the kitchen/family room/lounge.  We are NOT very quiet.

Might be taking Miss Muppet to the Dr... poor little bugger is constipated.  I had the EXACT same problem with Brylee and Lacy, so it must be a 'family' thing.

How lovely! Visitors who came bearing gifts...

ABOVE: Early Birthday Presents from Kelly.  Awww ta Kelly.

BLONDIE:   ME?  Stand naked in the breeze!!!  Like... NO WAY!  I would scare myself, let alone anyone who might see me.  lol

KEERA:  has a small tear from being constipated, so I'm really relieved I took her.
She now has a mild oral laxative and numbing cream for her bottom.  Hopefully this regime will sort her out in a week or two.

Stew has gone out to get us all some lunch... then all going well I shall creep downstairs and do some sewing while Keera sleeps.

Stew went out this afternoon to get some drinks for tonight, not something we do very often, but as our STRESS levels are rather elevated at the moment due to various reasons, we just felt like a tipple or two.

And bugger me, but Steve was thinking the same thing and he bought home a bottle of wine for me too!   Awwww, it's so lovely knowing both my guys loves me.

I've already had two glasses of wine, and it really buggers up me typing let me tell you! I keep making mistakes.... and having to edit my typing.  Weird.

End of Day:  and oh wow!  I went down to my room to do some sewing and next thing it's 11 pm!  And Keera is awake.  So we are giving her a lovely warm milo and hopefully she will go back to sleep and stay that way all night!
nite nite


  1. Quiet day here Chris... I have a list of craft projects to do.. plus making the first of my 3 xmas cakes... yup.. normally start labour weekend.. but hey.. Im only a week early!

  2. Have a good day Chris. We are doing a bit of cleaning and a tidy in the garden today. We live in the Blue Mountains and are about 15kms from the major fires here. It has been devastating for the community, we are hoping the wonderful fire brigade will get things under control and hoping there will be no wind changes that send it our way, take care Bec

    1. Oh Bec, we are about 20 mins from Blue Mountains and our hearts and prayers goes out to everyone up there, the smoke has been horrendous from where we are, so can only imagine what it's like there

      Hopefully today will help in getting ahead of them, take care Bec

  3. Can you get botox injections for menopause like freeze your wawa!! (joking) no but can you,? I bet everyone is visiting now cause they know puppies coming soon and visiting will be a no go for awhile, Hope you manage to get some sewing done and when everyone is out n about some resting!!!! throw open all the doors and windows and let fresh air blow through and stand nakey in the breeze that might help. ( can ya tell I'm not much help today!)

  4. I just love your seven dwarfs of menopause! I couldn't stop laughing when I saw it. Have a great weekend.

  5. Anonymous10:58 PM


    The Estalis continuous patch works well for menopause, you can just use half if you want....



  6. I like the early birthday presents. Did I tell you lately how great you're looking. Hair looks good, you have lost 10 years this past 6 months. Take care.

  7. I feel for you and the hot flushes - thank goodness mine seem to be under control for now (I hope I haven't just jinxed them but saying how they have been under control of late !!!). I hope your dr is able to help.
    Take care and have the best day !


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