Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Well.... I've made up my mind on puppy names at last.
Girls will be, in no particular order:  Ruby, Jade, Pearl, Opal... and other jewel names.
Boys will be, again in no order: Jasper, Jet, Mica, Flint... and other earth element names.

Thanks for the suggestions yesterday girls.

Today?  I've taken an extended leave from working at the Hospice Shop, so today I stay home.
I'll probably get some sewing done today, as I didn't get any done over the weekend like I wanted.

So... I'm a real 'stay at home' Mum now!  Expectant Puppy Grandma too of course.  *smiles*


ABOVE:  Dante... such a little love.  His Mummy took Brylee and Griffin to school this morning as the weather is abysmal, and I got to stay home in my jamma's and play with him.

Funny thing, neither dog has show any interest in getting into the whelping box.... until I put a blanket in there! Now we have this:

ABOVE:  How cute is that!  Both dogs have the same colour collar, so it's sometimes hard to tell who's who... I might just get Coco a new one... in PINK.  I'm sure she would like that.  Teddy's is the 'Bark Collar' so he has to stay with red.

I had planned to read in bed this morning, but my conscience got the better of me, so I'm up and doing a few odd jobs around the house.  

MARGIE UK:  guess how many girls and how many boys and go in the competition to win some mug rugs.  You have until this Thursday.  We find out how many puppies on Friday 9am New Zealand time.

Can you believe I couldn't find a PINK dog collar anywhere?  Cross.  The only pink one I did find was far too big for Coco, so I got her a pretty blue one instead!
Could be confusing for any visitors cos she's got a 'boy' collar and Teddy's got a 'girl' collar.  But oh ... too bad.

We've had a lovely quiet time ... lunch and still trying to catch up on tv programmes that are taped.
Doubt I will ever catch up really.

I just finished an awesome 'book' on me Kindle, and promptly downloaded another one from the same Author...  Paul Pilkington: 'The One You Love' was an excellent read, so I'm hoping 'Someone To Save You' is as good.

I simply can't fit sewing in today!  I'm too wrapped up with me reading... which makes a pleasant change if ya ask me.

End of Day:  wow I've enjoyed reading today.  It's been AGES since I got engrossed in a good book.
Off to bed soon, just watching a new tv programmed called 'The School'.  It's rather interesting and entertaining too.
nite nite


  1. My Grandfather had a dog named Jet. Awesome name!

  2. Love the names you have chosen, I wonder how many she will have.
    Enjoy your day at home

  3. love the names!! and my guess is 4 girls and 2 boys.

  4. Dante is growing so fast and has such a handsome face, Coco and Teddy look settled funny how a blankie makes all the difference. An absolute horrid day wind rain gales HEAVY rain then some more wind!

  5. Hey Chris - my guess is 5 girls and 2 boys.

  6. Reading is good for you. No need to feel guilty about time spent reading - it is good for mind, body and soul. So there.

    My guess: three girls, three boys.

  7. ohhh Mica is even pretty for a girls name. Best I start thinking about names also!!! ;-)

  8. Chris, I am going to say, 4 boys and 3 girls. Love the names!!!!!

  9. I've just downloaded that book you recommended.. bonus it was FREE!! I don't read much but would like to get back into it a bit.

  10. My guess for the puppies, is 3 girls and 2 boys.

  11. Hi my friend Chris, regarding dog collars: I used to make fabric covers for mine... Just make a tube as long as you can in any pretty colour or even holiday fabric you have. Hem the short edges. Thread it onto the collar, and it doesn't matter if it is too long and gathered up a bit. Too easy, and very cute, especially for Christmas, etc. Easy to wash by machine too. xx debbie


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