Monday, October 07, 2013

18 DAYS TO GO...

I was looking at photos of Coco at full term with her first two litters... and am feeling reassured that she is nowhere near as big yet.

Here she is at Full Term:

ABOVE:  so... here she is with 18-19 days to go... I had thought she had both her litters on Day 58, but after checking... it was 59.  So our next puppies are due on Friday, October 25th.

Soooooo............ how about we start taking your guesses on how many puppies there are, HOW MANY GIRLS AND HOW MANY BOYS?

There will be a set of two fabric mug rugs for the 'winner' and a little mystery gift included too.

You can enter ONCE only, and you have all of this week to lodge your guess.

KNOCK YASELF OUT!  (there won't be any guesses on date/time etc.  Just how many of each gender).

Today:  Orthodontist appointment for Brylee.

Do a bit of sewing.  Take Miss Keera home?  Not sure on that one, maybe Lacy will come and get her?

Either way, baby goes home today.

Bex and her friend Mandy are going out.  Bex's car needs a new tyre.

OH I FORGOT!  Steve and Bex bought a 2nd car on the weekend, so now Bex is 'mobile' again.

This is great as I'm sure it hasn't been fun having to rely on me all the time.

Right, I better go .... stuff to do... 


Today has been marked as the day we sort out old photos.  Rather a big job.  But it's lovely going through all our old photos.  

It's a job that keeps getting postponed, so once it's done it will be a big load of our minds I'm sure.

Brylee's orthodontist appointment went as I expected, a quick look in her mouth, note she still has 3 baby molars to lose and then home again.  To be seen again in 6 months time.


What else am I doing today?  Condensing DOWN the number of toys in circulation in this house!  There's far too many.... so most of 'mine' are going into storage.  For now at least.

I'm starting to see double.  Photos, photos everywhere downstairs!  My visitor is making huge inroads into boxes and boxes of photos!   I am going to love having the extra storage room.

Luckily I have corned beef cooking in the crockpot for dinner, so not much to do for dinner but the veges now.

Bex and her friend Mandy are heading off soon to Vector Arena to the Rihanna show.  I'm dropping them off at the train station, then they can take the train into the city and Steve will pick them up after the show.  I hope they have a good time.    

I hope they have a great time together.

Gotta go... dinner needs cooking...  

End of Day: well after many, many hours of going through photos, we called it a day at around 9.30 pm...  and then stayed up till after midnight yakking!   The girls came home from the concert... VERY HAPPY, and a little tiddly.  Steve picked them up, so they were safe.
Lots of laughs... and now we are all off to bed.
nite nite


  1. Eeeeeeehhhhh gads she is ballooning alright I say 4 girls 3 boys AND I'm sorry Coco for guessing this BECAUSE it means you are going to get large! a busy day ahead for you, decluttering is kind of therapeutic but old photos they bring memories stories and laughter and tears!

  2. Lorraine H3:32 PM

    I love going through old photo's there is some history in them.
    My guess for Coco's Babies is 4 Boys & 3 Girls.Like Blondie said she will be bigger in a couple of weeks.

    Southgirl x

  3. Ummmm.. Im hoping for more girls.. purely for my own motive so that I get more to choose from for Molly's playmate.... sooo 5 girls and 1 boy....

  4. 2 girls, 3 boys! Go Coco!! :)

  5. 3 of each is my guess!

    Have fun Bex!

  6. I hope Bex & her friend enjoy the concert. I have heard mixed reviews. No matter what, the girls night out will do her the world of good.

  7. 4 boys and 2 girls is my guess!

  8. Anonymous3:49 AM

    My guess for babies is 4 boys and 2 girls! And please tell Bex her dress was so cute!
    Nicole, CA

  9. Good luck with the puppies. Sounds as though you have a fun and busy weekend. Congratulations on the weigh in, well done! Keep up the good work.

  10. Well, let's see. It looks like coco usually has 7 puppies. So - not too many ways to divvy that up. But my guess is one more pup. So eight pups. Let's say. 5 boy 3 girl. Ok - I think I am the only one with THAT guess so far!

    I love your blog. I started reading whem my MIL told me you were expecting COCO's first litter. She knew I was a dog lover so here I am. I was asking for your dog food recipe a few weeks ago - And you did post it. But My dog died before I could make it. It just makes me sick. I struggled through all of September making him food and hand feeding him..... But after taking a VERY COMMON drug called RIMADYL for ONE WEEK. HE got sick, and sicker and eventually died.

    Buddy the Yellow Lab died on Sept. 20 after taking Rimadyl for one week.

    We are now open to the idea of a new dog, but I am a bit nervous, ok, a lot nervous, and can't make the commitment just yet. But it's fun watching your litters grow and find homes as I scour the internet in search of the perfect big ol' friendly dog for our home! I wish I could find a doggy blog around here with a potential batch of puppies to adopt, and watch them grow and get personalities!


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