Sunday, October 13, 2013

11 - 12 DAYS TO GO!

And would ya look at this:

 How scary does she look?  I'm hoping she doesn't have TOO MANY puppies in there!
I don't want to be bottle feeding any, that's for sure.

Today the guys are going to sort out the Whelping Pen for me.  I want the safety barrier sides lowered, so no puppy can become trapped behind Coco.

I'm still half convinced that's what happened to little Sage last time.
This time I don't want that to be even a faint possibility.

It is heartbreaking losing a puppy.

The only other thing I want done today is for Stew to find all the fans.  Summer is just around the corner and fans are essential.

I can't afford to run the Heat Pump as an Air Conditioner!  It sucks up power something rotten.

So, we rely on fans.  And thanks to Russ and Tess I have a really BIG one for either the lounge or the garage, depending on which area needs the most air circulation.  I'm picking it will be the garage somehow.

I am going to investigate the possibility of leaving the garage door slightly open over summer too... that might make the garage more comfortable over night?

We will see.

Lastly for now... I would like to go for a walk today... so providing it's not pissing down with rain... I will.  I need to get more exercise!

TOMORROW... the kids go back to school.  I'm sure they are ready for it too.  I know I am.  Just for a moments SILENCE... can ya 'bask in silence' ???  I think ya can.  ☺☻☺☻


ABOVE:  the boys this morning.  They get on so well.  Dante is into EVERYTHING now that he is mobile... so when he's up... it's a case of keeping a sharp eye on him at all times.
Something we are rather used to anyway!

The weather seems to be a bit nicer today, but the wind is still freezing!  I can't believe I'm about to say this, but I want summer NOW!

SOME people are so up themselves they have NO IDEA their presence is NOT WANTED.   

Last day of the school holidays and I finally got around to sorting out Brylee's clothes for the new season.  I'd already done Griffin's last week.

So... this is how it went:

It didn't take as long as I thought!  So much went OUT!  Kelly .... there's two bags FULL for you to go through for Rena now.

Yaaaa.... no clutter in the kid's drawers now.  And a good job... DONE.  

Does anyone remember what it was like in the 'olden days' when a woman went into labour at the hospital?

We got shaved BALD 'down there' eh?  Well... Coco can relate to that now!  

I just trimmed around her nipples and bottom ... and her tail too.  Less hair = less mess to clean later.

(luckily that only happened to me with my first baby!)

I'm getting 'things' ready for the birth... blankets, towels, rags, plastic sheet, suction bulb, scales etc.  And the most important thing?

The phone number for the Emergency Vet!  You never know when you might need them.
I'm doing a 'drive by' tonight or tomorrow, so I know exactly where they are too.

I'm pretty sure we are now ready for the big event.

ABOVE:  Yaaa, the guys did the modifications to the Whelping Box, so now I can stop worrying about a puppy getting squashed or trapped behind Coco.  

Now the safety rails are much lower...

I'm very happy.  
The only other thing I wanted done today was for Stew to find the big fan.  He's looking for it right now...  it's not in the storage room under the house... so he's up in the attic now...  and he found BOTH the big fans.  Awesome.

End of Day:  got a few things sorted out today that needed to be done... and then had a lovely dinner cooked by Steve and Bex, watched some good telly, caught up on Coronation Street... and now... off to bed happy as.
nite nite


  1. I hear you on the school holiday front! We had a glimpse of summer here in Tauranga last week, but it's back to 4 seasons in one day this week ;)

  2. what a lovely picture of the boys!

  3. Lorraine H9:58 AM

    That photo of Griffin and Dante is absolutely adorable.Worth framing for sure.

    As for poor little Coco she looks so uncomfortable as much to say "I'm not going to pop am I"

    Southgirl x

  4. Kelly.....what about me and probably likely to fit some of that shit to....and we'll probably end up getting it from them...stained and what not....

  5. Oh dear lord I think my guess wont be enough that looks like a batch of 10 in there!!!! Nice photo of Dante and Griffin. That sure is a big pile of clothes! decluttering is great and well no one will be in lack of clothes in your house it seems! lol

  6. Love that pic of G and Dante..gorgeous.

    Puppies...I am going to guess 8....5 girls, 3 boys.

  7. I think Coco is ready, too! God bless!

  8. I can not wait to see the puppies! Soo excited!, I think there is 9, 4 boys and 5 girls :)

  9. Puppies 6, 4 boys & 2 girls.

  10. I predict there will be one GIANT puppy.


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