Thursday, October 24, 2013


SMOKE.  Yep... last night :

ABOVE:  today's one and only job.  Clean the oven.  

ABOVE:  a little video I took yesterday of Coco's tummy moving.  

My mornings have become so much easier now... Brylee and Griffin are now making their own lunches!
I've never done that before, I've always made the lunches.
But... they are perfectly capable of making themselves a sandwich and putting fruit etc into their lunchboxes.  SCORE.

It's a stunningly beautiful day... so once I've done that freakin oven I will be out in the sunshine.  


ABOVE:  It took me 2.5 hours to get it all clean!  Next time it's Bex's job.

ABOVE:  this is hopefully the last comparison photo of Coco!
All going well and on schedule we will have puppies this time tomorrow!

I was talking to Bex about something, and she got a bit 'lippy' (cheeky) so I kinda jumped on her and poured her water bottle water all over her!
She got me back ... so I got a bit wet too... but she came out worse:

She is now in her pyjamas... and I might just get in mine too!
LOL... nothing like relaxing in the evening in one's jammies.

NICOLE:  I have cleaned the oven to within an inch of it's life, and that is tin foil on the bottom.
I used two different oven cleaners, but the very best on by far was Easy Off Oven, Heavy Duty Cleaner.  It was AMAZING... no scrubbing was needed, except on the glass front.
And my oven was FILTHY too let me assure you.

End of Day:  another day closer to puppies, even though Coco has shown no more signs of going into labour.  So, another night spent sleeping with me in the spare bedroom!
nite nite


  1. Have a fabulous day !! Wee Coco looks HUGE .. not long now !! Exciting !

  2. Ohhhh I really thought it would be last night I have to clean my oven too that's being done this weekend.... maybe if it rains I can do it.

  3. ohhh poor Coco not long to go now. My guess of 8 was wrong :-(

  4. We had a guy come into work this morning who told us his pitch had just delivered her first litter......14 puppies! Imagine that.......

  5. Chris, it looks as though your oven is the same as mine (except mine is filthy) ... what do you have on the floor of the oven? maybe I should do that too.

  6. I cleaned mine the other night but I have to give it another go! Will try to find the same oven cleaner you used! Some serious baked on crap in mine :( And the oven in the new house leaves alot to be desired too! Checked that out tonight properly.. Sheesh!

  7. That reminds me I need to clean my oven too. Hope the delivery goes well.

  8. Does your oven have the self cleaning mode? I'm horrible I have never ever cleaned the oven! Mine has a self cleaning thing but I'ms scared to try it. I've actually looked for oven cleaner the last couple times I've been in the store and I can't find it. It's so weird! I wonder if they've banned it here or something.


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