Wednesday, October 09, 2013


One of our visitors leaves this morning, and the other at lunchtime.

Then it will be 'back to normal transmissions' around here.

Brylee gets her room back too.  So, I can get back to my sewing ... cos Brylee's bed was in the sewing 'area' of the garage.

Well... one visitor has just left and the other one goes at 10 am.  So, that means I can finally sit down and watch all the Episodes of Home and Away I have missed!  lol
Oh ... AND Coronation Street!

Something tells me it is going to be a quiet afternoon spent wrapped in me blankie with my feet up!

A Spring storm came through late yesterday with HIGH winds and rain.
It's bloody cold.  And still windy as.
I think Mandy will have a bumpy ride home on the plane!  I don't envy her that trip at all.

Once again, I forgot to show you something funny!  The girls took a bag full of 'shots' to the concert the other night.... but they had to drink them before they went in:

ABOVE:  so here's their stash... in the KFC toilet... ALL GONE!!!  Little piss heads.

It feels cold enough for snow!  We have a freezing, gusty wind whipping around outside.  So glad I'm staying inside.

So excited today!   I've made the X-Ray appointment for Coco, to determine how many puppies she is having.
***YOU have until the 17th October to give me your guess on HOW MANY GIRLS AND BOYS to be in to win some mug rugs from me!***


  1. It's nice to have visitors, but sometimes it's nice when they leave too!

    336 ravedqu

  2. Haha you little legends (Bex & Mandy) lol

  3. Happy TV viewing! I thought the pic was a bunch of candles on the changing station and I was thinking, THAT is a bad idea...

  4. There is nothing worse when a haircut doesn't turn out right I hope you get your issues sorted with passwords and things I too have several and remembering what is on what is a pain....

  5. Hope you get your hair sorted away. Visitors are nice but it feels good getting back to a normal routine.


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