Friday, October 11, 2013

"SHORTS".... "SHORTS"...

Right... here's a rare event!
A photo of 'most of me'... ha ha ha!

Last night I was wearing a pair of me new shorts, and I kept saying "Shorts!" to everyone  and showing off me shorts!
I was/am just so chuffed to be wearing shorts!

So...  I took a photo:

See!  Me.  In SHORTS!  I'm ready for summer, I am indeed. Picture me smiling with joy in me seat as I type this... I'm just so happy.

Today... well ... probably reading blogs this morning, I didn't get around to it yesterday... I was busy wearing SHORTS.  lol

One thing I did do yesterday,  that had nothing to do with shorts... I went into the Hospice Shop and took indefinite leave.
I need to be home for Coco.  I don't want her going into labour while I'm away from home, and I want to be there to help her with the pups once they are born.

We weigh each puppy daily to make sure any little ones get the 'best' teats and don't lag behind the bigger ones.  If I don't keep an eye out, the bigger puppies will push the little ones away and they miss out on a feed... and that ain't going to happen if I can help it.

Also... my mind is just too 'busy' right now with other things going on in the 'background'... and I am finding it hard to concentrate and not get too flustered or upset.

I know many of you will not have any idea what I'm going on about, but just know... hopefully things will settle down by end of November and I can relax again... and tell ya all about it!

So... I'm off now to do the housework so I can then sit down and read blogs with a clear conscience.


MARIA:  My head is cut off cos I took the photo using the webcam on my computer, and I couldn't get further back for a 'full body shot' without moving me computer.  Plus, me 'head' shot is on yesterday's post.  lol

It's cold and wet today... so I can't wear me shorts.  *sniff*

Instead of staying home, we are going out to St Lukes mall... Stew took today off work so we could spend the day together with the kids.
Lacy and Bex will stay home and do their own thing...

Going out was nice.  We all had KFC for lunch and then we stopped at Onehunga as I wanted to grap a few bits of fabric from a shop there.  They have baskets of scraps, you get 10 pieces for $2!  So I got me some.  Those little scraps are PERFECT for applique work.

Now I'm home and getting some blog reading in.  

The weather has gone from mildly cool to REALLY COLD and windy again.  No shorts today ... how sad.

End of Day: it's been a cold and windy day, with wild winds this evening... and I don't even mind!  I love a good storm.
And summer will be here soon enough, and then I can wear me shorts to me heart's content.
nite nite


  1. You look fabulous!! Love the shorts and you look really good in them! You should be so proud of yourself
    you go girl,you do rock!

  2. OMG Chris you have made such a transformation already - you go girlfriend! Seriously one look of you in shorts and I'm thinking "WOW"! Hey I know things are smooth sailing but you are rocking your OFL!!! You enjoy rockin' those shorts - shame the weather isn't playing ball with ya and onwards for life - your plan is working!!

  3. I'm glad you finally posted, because that means IT"S FRIDAY!!!
    You look good in shorts. The writing on your shirt is backwards though.

    srsion 27

  4. Luvin you rockin the SHORTS well done Chris awesome feeling your ready for summer.

  5. Yay for shorts!! In our hot Auckland summer they will be a lifesaver. I live in shorts all through the hot months.

  6. Anonymous9:18 AM

    I have never commented on you blog before but I just had to today - you look amazing in those shorts, good on you! I just wish that I had the same dedication as you do.
    Paula (Paraparaumu)

  7. There's those sexy legs. You'll have fun flashing them about this summer.

  8. Maria9:49 AM

    The shorts look good but why have you cut your head off?

  9. Congratulations Chris, you look fabulous!!!! All that hard work has paid off - good for you :).
    Joy x

  10. Agree with everyone who has commented - you look fantastic!! So happy for you :)
    ~Nicole, CA

  11. Looking good Chris, even without your No really Chris, happy for you :-)

  12. Gosh Chris you look so good in those shorts. Fantastic work on the weight loss!!!

    Enjoy your time out with Stew and the kids, how nice that you get to spend a bit of time together just the four of you.

  13. Ahhh ya chicken you could have worn shorts and ugg boots like Pamela Anderson!! but seriously well done on getting there you go Abysmal weather here so no short wearing down our way either!!!

  14. Yeah for the shorts chickie
    You go girl

  15. Anonymous6:01 PM

    Nice shorts!!!! I cant wait for summer - sick of the cold & windy weather!!!

  16. Your looking great! Hope your doing well and have a great weekend!

  17. Wahoo.. look at those legs!!! Good on you!! Yes its cold here in the Naki. Molly has gone to stay with Marise and her poodles for two nights.. we are heading your way first thing in the morning and going to One Direction concert... YES Chris.. I need a medal or at the very least my friggin head read!!!! Screaming girls is not my thing!!

  18. SHORTS! I can only dream about them. Lookin' good, chick!

  19. *sob* I wish i could wear shorts :(

  20. Looking good keep up the good work. Have a nice weekend.

  21. Look at you!! You are doing great!! Thanks for comments on my blog. Stressed to the max ugh life sucks sometimes but we will make it though.


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