Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Well... the kids are back to school today, and Stew and Steve are off to work.

So, it's just Bex and I ... and the dogs.  All 8 of them.
8!  Makes me smile saying 8.

I asked Stew yesterday if I was a fool sleeping in the lounge with the dogs, waking up hourly to make sure they were all OK?
He said 'Probably', but then followed that up with how he knew I just couldn't leave them to it, it's just how I am.

Sometimes I do think I'm too protective of them, but I just want all of them to do well, and for Coco to stay healthy too.  I will stop checking them overnight when they are about a week old.

Talking of Stew... I got a hard case video of him yesterday:

ABOVE:  my husband is a right dick sometimes!
But I still love him.  *smiles*

Because it is likely to be a quiet day, I will try to get a bit of sewing done.  AND I might even dash out to the post office too.  I've got the winners prizes to post.  
Once again, congrats to Mom Taxi Julie and Judith.  

I also have to get Brylee's Enrolment Form for College finished.  The school needs all sorts of paperwork sorted and provided, so that's my next task for the day. 

Right... off to get a few jobs done around the house...


HAPPY ELF MOM: Brylee is 13.   Our schools go by different 'names' than yours.
5-10 = Primary school
11-12 (depending on when your child's birthday is) = Intermediate
13-17 = High School or Collage
17-+  = University or Polytech

So, Brylee just turned 13, and next year she will be going to Alfriston College until she's around 17.
Then if she wants to continue her education at a higher level, she can then go on to University or a Polytech.  As she is very interested in nursing, she may go to Polytech to study something in that field.

I had a good night with the pups/Coco and have woken feeling bright eyed and bushy tailed.  I did something I probably shouldn't have though.
I didn't take my anti-depressants as they make me sleep deeply.  I'm hoping I don't pay for that in the long run!

I'm going to duck out now and get a couple of jobs done, Bex will be on 'puppy sitting' duty.

Well... I got all me jobs done AND I managed to grab three tops from our local Hospice shop, a lovely little shirt for Dante, and then I went to Farmers and got me more knickers.  I'm over me knickers falling off me butt!

The smallest pup is Jet, but Flint is also very small... and he's the one with the least weight gain so far.  I'm keeping an eagle eye on him as he's concerning me a little.  He seems to be a bit lethargic.  

PROBLEM:  Teddy almost snarled at Dante just now.  Dante was standing up against the chair Teddy was lying on, and Teddy lifted his lip and was about to snarl at him!  Dante was not even touching him!  So I got Bex (she was nearer) to give Teddy a smack and send him out of the room.
I'm not sure if that is the right thing to do?  But he has to learn that Dante is 'above' him and he simply cannot show animosity towards Dante.

It's a real worry because if Teddy doesn't stop that sort of behaviour we will have to look at other options for him, particularly as Dante is only going to get more mobile and in his face.  

REALLY UPSET RIGHT NOW.... we asked EVERYONE to respect our wishes in relation to visiting/coming inside our home while the puppies are so young.

I thought 'you' understood that.

But, how did I know you would try and come inside anyway?  I just KNEW you would try it... and now I am really disappointed in YOU.  

WHY must you always push the boundaries?  Why do you never take NO as an answer?  I'm so over this shit.

And as for our tools, we don't need them that badly... told you that too.  

I am not a happy Chris right now.

NO Lacy, it wasn't you... as you well know.

End of Day:  well we just weighed all the pups and I'm happy to say wee Flint had a better gain today.  He's still the 2nd lightest after Jet.  Jet's the smallest.  Ruby?  She's huge compared to her little brothers!
Anyway, another day almost done and dusted.  
nite nite


  1. Gosh, Stew is looking good - has he been losing weight too? Dante didn't know quite what to make of his grandad dancing! Looking forward to my mug rug!

  2. COLLEGE??? How old is Brylee???

  3. Collage as opposed to CollEge!?

  4. Anonymous10:26 AM


    The puppies are so cute!


  5. Anonymous1:32 PM

    Love the pups and Coco's vid yesterday Who is the smallest pup?
    Mary H

  6. Lots of happy and fun things in this post....I'd say not taking the antidepressants is not a problem so far.

  7. I am sure if you knock it on the head quick and don't let Teddy away with anything he will learn very quickly.

  8. Dante was like Grandad what are you doing!! Teddy is a worry problem out of the room was the best for now. Gosh college already how exciting for Brylee. Better you upstairs sleeping and watching Coco and pups then waking up getting up and heading upstairs checking and doing the reverse to get back to bed, because you wouldn't get a good nights sleep laying there worrying....

  9. Wasn't Us.....we haven't seen you guys in over a week

  10. Your house - your rules. End of.

  11. Anonymous10:50 PM

    Love the video of Stew and Dante. "What the heck is my Grandad doing" lol. Such a beautiful little boy. Growing so fast. Love the basket too Chris. Was that another op shop find. Gorgeous. Lovely photos of Dante in it. Hope Stew got through the day. Kayjay

  12. Great video, glad to hear the pups are doing well.


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